📷 Flying Rats

in photography •  7 months ago

The atmosphere in the park across the street from my house is usually relaxed and friendly.

But as soon as somebody starts feeding the ducks, the airborne rats fly in:


They immediately start attacking the ducks that have managed to get some food:


A battle develops, waves are made, and the ducks flee towards dry land:


Once all the ducks have fled the water, the seagulls wade ashore, evil intentions all over their faces:


The ducks that have food try to swallow it as fast as they can:


Those that aren't quick enough are attacked by seagulls that simply fly into them:


When the hurlyburly's done, the seagulls insist on sticking around, being very loud and ill-tempered:


They even managed to grab part of my sandwich.

Down with seagulls, I say.

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Thumbs down for the winged rats. Thumbs up for the post!



your work is just magic....very beautiful captures; ❤
The angle and the colours are really nice! Good work! 📷


Thank you.

Sounds like democrats. :-)


Sounds like any USA political party, to be honest, only the means differ.

Fantastic pics of an epic fight! :D



And it was loud! Such noise.

Sir these picture click by you please tell me sir


All pictures have been clicked by me myself.

Down with seagulls, I say.

Hear. Hear. I say! They're a bloody pest. Grrrrr!


I wish they would stay near the sea, mainly because that is 200km from where I live.

Nicely captured...

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Great photos!

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