The Butterflies in my Garden.

in photography •  2 years ago

Trying to shoot butterflies with a mobile phone camera sounds difficult and is crazy as hell! But I did it, encouraged by my previous attempt to photograph spiders with the same camera, which was quite successful and the photos turned out pretty good.

Turns out I have a variety of butterflies flying around my house, and after a lot of trials, I did manage to capture some of them yesterday. I had to wait for the perfect time and place, where lighting conditions were favorable, and that was the hardest part!

So among the many varieties of butterflies which fly about my garden and property, I could click only three varieties, and I put the best among them for your viewing pleasure below.

All photos have been touched-up, scaled in size and taken with my mobile camera,
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

The most common one I see around, is it called the Monarch?

Another variety, behind a thorny leaf

The third type, notice the spider below it!

Another shot of the Monarch

This sensitive variety was illusive and the hardest to shoot

Basking in the sun, till the spider walked in!

You can right-click and open image in a new tab for a larger format.
All photos are free to use without attribution or copyrights.
(Though you may give me credit, if you wish!)

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@norbu beautiful pictures congratulations my friend


As it was hard work, I am thrilled you have liked them. Thank you very much!

Wow! You do have a lot of butterflies in your yard. I think I like the last one the most. Upvoting and following you!


Yes I do have quite a bit, and have managed to capture just three. But thank you and you have become my 200th follower too! Following you back!

wow , so beautiful !!!!!


Nature always is beautiful :))


Nature is my healer for everything :)

I really love butterflies, I very much enjoyed your photos, and I followed you, BAM!


And we have a lot of them around. But thanks and I have followed you as well. KABOOM! :))

very detailed and sharp for a phone camera.....butterflies are like snowflakes....we don't get many around here - I have to go to a butterfly conservatory to see must have the right bushes and plants to invite them into your yard. Beautiful.


Yes my yard is full of greenery and as I do not use chemicals, or even believe in human intervention, I guess they enjoy the "organic" environment. Glad you liked it.

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