In the Czech Republic, the best dark beer and red stewed cabbage )))
Tell us about Copenhagen in the post, we think to visit this city.

Да, мэм! ;) Copenhagen is next but I won't be posting as often for a bit.

Да мэм? ))) do you speak russian?

Я не говорю по-русски. I studied Russian for 10 weeks over 30 years ago. I only remember a few things like, добрый день товарищ and один два три четыре. Google Translate is my friend today.

You have mastered half of the Russian language! )))))
Google Translate rescues my humble English )

Haha! Excellent. It is part of my heritage. My great great grandfather was a Russian who came to Alaska, where I was born. My father learned Russian from the Orthodox priests there but did not pass it on to me.

The history of your family is very interesting.

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