Twin Cities Model in set for Gilded Magazine

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I really enjoy collaborating with other photographers and I believe I can do that by being more than just a model. That is why I always provide my own hair, makeup, and styling for all my shoots. Personally, this is how I feel I can equally contribute creatively to the shoot.

I worked on this set with photographer Henry Myint for Gilded Magazine. We named the set "Vermelho." I admit, I am not very creative when naming sets.

Clothing - I found an old pink lace dress for 2 dollars at a thrift store and dyed it deep red. Then I took red glitter spray paint and sprayed a full can on the dress.

Crown- For the first crown, I hand painted white silk roses red, burgundy, and black. I used old jewelry scraps for the second crown.



Makeup -The rhinestones were glued on one by one, which took about an hour, even with help from the photographer. I used metallic pigments on my lips and eyes.

headlines_gilded (2)-800x600.PNG

Overall the hard work and weeks of preparation paid off!


Photography: Henry Myint with Nina Street Photography
IG: ninastreetphotoraphy
Magazine: Gilded Magazine


I adore the top right pic! True classic beauty was captured there.
Lovely set over all, the creative style you put into your head-pieces really shines through.


The lace dress is perfect and really a bargain :) Congrats on this wonderful shoot 🔥

I love searching thrift stores for set items or clothing for shoots

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