Do you have a mini-me at home?

in #photography3 years ago

My son has looked uncannily like me through every stage since his birth. Coincidentally, on his birthday, I have my usually curly hair straightened (stylist's choice). As she got the front of my hair, she remarked that she suddenly remembered what my son looks like. As I left, my son and I stood face to face. The mirror affect made us both laugh. I got these pictures after. He seemed to really enjoy being twins until I washed my hair. Now I'm curly again and we look different enough no one is mistaking us for the other at first glance.





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Awwn. I'm overwhelmed with cuteness! Jesus Christ!

Thanks! He's my little buddy.

Y'all just stop this or I'm going out there to make babies right away. So so so cute! 😍😍😍

Oh my God, y'all are adorable! That is so uncanny! And he's so damn cute! Too bad i don't have anybody

To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

Very doubtful

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So nice both of you @shawanamawna. Your son looks like you. Best wishes for you And the junior. Unfortunately, I do not have anybody until now to share.

Your photos look lovely!The resemblance is uncanny! In my case, me and my cousins look pretty similar. My cousins are like my best friends, they always have my back. So I'm just grateful, we all look alike!
Our aunts and uncles always forget who is who since we all look the same that's why sometimes, we exchange names to trick them.IMG_3774.JPG

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