Unique bird in my garden #2

in photography •  last year  (edited)


various jedis birds that have been created fly around the ocean or free themselves to take their happiness, on the sidelines of their game, one of these unique birds resting themselves in my garden to release fatigue and search for the remaining food. and this is one of the most unique birds that attracts me, so I myself aim to postpone to steemit let us know each other the various types of birds that have been created still have their own beauty and uniqueness.


and I do not know this bird, if my steemit friends know the name of this bird, I hope once you can comment here.

Thanks steemit
Thanks to all member who lover animal and photography.


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In my hometown in cebu this bird is called "Guryon" which is in english is "Sparrow" :)


Sparrow was so cute :D


Yeah but it's so hard to catch one. Hahaha

here in the province of laguna philippines, we called that cute bird, "maya". 😄