Purple Eggplant Fruit

in photography •  last year 

Good morning Steemit friends all hope we are healthy and always in his protection.

On this morning's occasion I will explain about the fruit of eggplant primacy.


Eggplant fruit is often used for food ingredients. Eggplant fruit is often referred to as vegetables,
because many people processed to be a side dish with other vegetables. This fruit there are two types of colors, namely green and purple. Usually the most frequently searched person every day for cooking is purple.


Eggplant fruit is a lot of benefits for the health of our bodies. Among the benefits of eggplant fruit is to lose weight, keep blood sugar levels, making the heart healthier, preventing diabetes and can also increase the vitality of men.

I took this eggplant shoots by using Camera Redmi Note 4 phone behind my house.


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Nyan pasti boh Trung 😄😄