Some Interesting Shots Taken On The Streets Of Amsterdam

in photography •  last year

The city of Amsterdam has a lot of special little nooks and crannies. I'm sure that some of them are only visible to the natives but as a visitor I tried to keep my eyes open to the less obvious sights.

Graffiti is prevalent in Amsterdam and I have no idea how the residents view it, whether as a crime or as a form of expressive street art. This however, was an interesting case since the building covered in graffiti is a church (or at least, I think it was a church).


I noticed these stuffed animals up in the lamp post while walking around. I have no idea why they are there, or what tradition (if any) they represent, but I still thought they looked cool.


Across town there are several bridges where lovers can place a love-lock representing their commitment. This is one small such location with a few locks attesting to that particular bridge's attractiveness to couples. I liked how they are not only locked to the bridge but to each other - love begets love and is relaying on it for it's strength. Poetic.


This is for the streetphotography contest


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Nice information about Amsterdam
It was called the capital of the world in the seventies


In the 18th century it was one of the financial capitals of the world alongside London :)

I love the graffiti, its like everyone is free to express their feelings.


I thought so too :) It's everywhere.

Thank you very much for the virtual explorer, with great pictures.
I visited several times in Amsterdam, each time it was different,
There is something in this city, as if things are happening there but it is not clear where.

There is a problem that there is nothing to eat there, only beer cheeses and ... strange cookies

Waiting for your next tour - so take me to a cool place please : )


Thank you for your kind words. I never found a lack of food was a problem. Interestingly enough, my two most memorable dinners were All you can eat Sushi and Indian food. It really is a cosmopolitan city :)