The clutch is in! [BMW E30]

in photography •  8 months ago






The clutch is bolted up!
We've got the pilot bearing in (first and second photo), the flywheel bolted up and torqued to spec, the clutch plate installed with the clutch alignment tool and the pressure plate.

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are you a mechanical engineer ?


No, I'm structural engineer, I design steel concrete and wood frames for buildings!

How come you have the heat insulation on both sides of the tunnel? When I renewed mine I only got one for the passenger side (where the exhaust runs down)...


There was a sound mat on in the transmission tunnel that fell apart. I looked at the price of it and thought, screw this im not going with OEM. I looked around and was only able to find sound mats for interior of cars. I bought it, figured it would have no problem working on the outside, so i installed it around the tunnel. its actually 80mil bituthene with aluminum facing.

Godo job bro :) hey @motoengineer My post upvote please I am a student help me please