Rear main seal [BMW E30]

in photography •  6 months ago


Edit: steepshot is being weird. I'm going to re-upload this on desktop.

Here is the rear main seal and the crank shaft seal. Not much to update today. Unforunately I can only work on the car so much after work. It sucks that rain has been delaying the project, but hey what can you do?

Here we have a nice cleaned surface of the engine and for the rear main seal cover.

The first photo is the new seal with Grey gasket sealer. With the seal held in position with sticky sealer, it's a simple matter of install the cover plate with the new bushing. Look at all those clean surfaces!

I can't wait to get everything buttoned up!

How many of you steemians know how to drive manual transmission cars? Most people outside of the US should know, but for the US folks, I'm betting it isn't too many! Comment below!

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Manual cars are the best!
But I'm from germany so its obvious :P


Do you even know how to drive an automatic?!?!?! lol


Unfortunally my Audi A4 has an automatic transmission. It is good for traffic jam or driving in town but you cant feel the car with an automatic transmission like you can with manual. A point too many people miss but do not really care, because we live in a consumer society where simplicity and comfort are paramount.


It's the concept of driving I think. When it comes to being comfortable on your way somewhere, you don't drive for the experience of driving. You drive because you need to get there.

It just depends on the moment. I wish my car could also shift and have a clutch when I want, but that's called paddle shifters and those aren't fun!

On my way to work, I would had driving any car unless it was a tesla that drove itself.