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Dinosaurs can be categorized for simplicity into two broad categories. Predator and Prey. Continuing our visit to the Dino Park let's take a look at some of the characteristics of these fell beasts.

Predators are fast, strong and often hunt in packs. Prey are generally slow moving and move in herds.

The Velociraptor below was fast and could take down much larger prey when working in a group.

The Velociraptor was a top Predator


This representation of a large lumbering dinosaur below was a plant eater and would have been a prey animal.

The Prey were plant eaters (herbivores)

Prey vegitation eating dinosaur.jpg

The raptors were often pack hunting animals much the same as today with some eagles and hawks working together.

This Velociraptor was shown in the movie Jurassic Park


Some dinosaurs lived in swampy areas and near water so that they could escape land predators only to find plenty of dangers in the deep. These long necked dinosaurs would make a nice meal.

Plant eaters needed long necks to help their digestion

long neck dinosaur.jpg

The top predator Tyrannosaurus Rex

The Tyrannosaurus Rex (king of the tyrant lizards) below was the top predator of it's day and had little that it couldn't defeat.

However not all large plant eaters were defenseless as this Triceratops family below show. Some had formidable defenses.

The Triceratops was a mean fighter


Of all the variety of dinosaurs that roamed the earth we seem to be strangely drawn to the Predators. There is an obvious reason for why we are interested in the predators. Fear!

We (humans and other animals) need to know where the danger is and what it looks like so that we can avoid them. Fear gives us our fascination with these top predators. Even today. Most people like to see the big cats. Lions, Tigers and Leopards.

Dinosaurs are still amongst us today

Meet one of the dinosaurs modern descendants. Along with the many eagles, hawks and other reptiles that still walk the earth today we also have the humble chicken. Which many humans prey on today.

The Chicken


Camera: Canon 70D using a 50 mm lens photograph settings on request.

!steemitworldmap 52.7148384 lat 1.1172736 long Roar Dinopark, Lenwade, NR9 5JE d3scr

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