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the history of madakaripura, according to locals Madakaripura name means 'the last place' which is taken from the story of the days of old, reputedly Gajah Mada spend rest of his life to meditating on the location of the waterfall (in a cave in the main waterfall). This story is supported by the statues of Gajah Mada in the parking lot of the area.

Location Madakaripura Waterfall is located in the village of Sapeh, District Lumbang, Probolinggo, Java Timur.Berjarak about 5 km from highway traffic to Bromo or approximately 45 minutes travel time from the location of Tourism Mount Bromo toward Probolinggo (to the North). If the Probolinggo district of the city center about 30 km. The location of this waterfall can be reached by private vehicle or rental car with a winding road conditions and is paved smooth but a bit cramped.

If the trip came from the direction of the arrival in the village of Probolinggo Sukapura will encounter a T-junction marked with a big signpost. If to the left toward the Gunuing Bromo and to the right toward Niagara Madakaripura location. The distance from the junction is still about 4 km until arriving at the entrance of the waterfall. Before they encountered the fork again before arriving at the entrance and take a right turn.

Arriving at the gate and the entrance to the parking area journey continues with a walk of approximately 1 km through the trail of which half was cast mostly not because of landslides swept away, and cross the river. To get there you should use the services of a guide, this is because the way to get there is quite heavy terrain. Plus more at this location frequent flooding and landslides. These guides, mostly local residents, were encountered in the area around the car park and they usually offer themselves, guide Cost about USD 50 000 one-way.

Approaching the waterfall location will be found a few stalls sell food and drinks as well as rental of umbrellas. For those who do not want berbasah basahan due to exposure waterfall splash spray can rent this umbrella.

Admission prices and parking Waterfall Madakaripura Rp 3,000 per person.



this is a original my photo taking shoot with my android phone.

staytune with my next trip ;)

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Wow, that is a great nature spot. Lush greenery and waterfalls, very nice.

Nice photographys! You really did some great job, id love to travel there just by the pictures :)

thank you :)
yes, madakaripura is a beautiful place.
*hope someday you can visit to this place and other place like bromo, raja ampat, papua and the "mainstream" bali. hehe :)