La hora dorada/Golden hour

in photography •  24 days ago 
La Hora Dorada y sus magistrales colores. Me encanta observar esta combinación de colores que embellecen nuestra amada naturaleza, y enriquecen a nuestra alma. Cada atardecer es diferente y cada hora dorada es diferente, pero todas me alegran la vida, me inspiran y me conectan con la magnificencia del Creador, Él ha creado todo de manera perfecta. *** The Golden Hour and its masterful colors. I love to observe this combination of colors that embellish our beloved nature, and enrich our soul. Every sunset is different and every golden hour is different, but they all brighten my life, inspire me and connect me with the magnificence of the Creator, He has created everything perfectly.

Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!
Settings: ISO-100, F/4.2, TV 1/60

Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!
Settings: ISO-540, F/3.5, TV 1/45

Thanks for watching my post.

Camera: Digital Samsung PL120
Lens: 4.7-23.5mm/1:3.3-5.9/26mm
Location: Venezuela
by: @mirla33

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Gracias por su gran apoyo @templo. y al gran proyecto Cervantes. maravilloso.