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in photography •  3 years ago 

Have a nice day, everyone! Today I want to continue to show you photos from the village of Nagorskoye. The first part you can see here.

Here is a very beautiful nature. You can also notice a small slope going down.

In the distance you can see a dense forest with pines.

A lot of wildflowers also grow in this place. The whole glades are surrounded by these beautiful flowers with a pleasant scent.

And here is a sharp descent from the road.

Thank you for watching!

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Absolutely beautiful <3 love the images. Are you a photographer?

Thank you very much, no, I'm a fan of photography, this is my hobby :-)

Beautiful photos. I like it!

Thank you so much!! )

So beautiful!!

Thank you !

Nice photos. I love village very much. Thank you for shearing

Thank you so much :)

Nice <3

I like this pictures!!

Thank you!! )


Спасибо большое:-)

Very nice @milaoz!

Thank you :-)