My best pictures yet

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Took my new camera ( canon eos 1300d ) into the garden about an hour ago had it on a tripod and I sat of in the man cave and operated the camera via my iPhone over the wifi I got some great pictures of goldfinches 6241772640_IMG_0306.JPGlovely looking pair 6241772640_IMG_0301.JPG6241772640_IMG_0304.JPGI'm only a beginner and would be very grateful if some of the more experienced photographers out there gave me their advice and tell me what they thought about my pictures, cheers mike


Congrats on the new camera!

Im not an experienced photographer but do know great pictures when I see them! Beautiful Finch and great pictures! The colors are awesome on them. Here I've only seen the yellow and black finch.

Thank you, cheers mike

I follow @phoblographer, and you might want to check him out. He seems to give good advice about wildlife photography. He has some gorgeous shots too.

I will do thank you

Wow, these are stunning! You captured these beautiful birds wonderfully.

Beautiful birds!! I will be waiting for the blue jay pictures! following

I will try and then let you know. Thanks for your reply cheers mike

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