Yosemite National Park - California (Photos)

in #photography4 years ago

Most of the final photos I took at our time in Yosemite last summer with @haileysomet! Enjoy!















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wah this looks simply amazing! thanks for sharing! want to go to Yosemite for years and I will be there this year!!

It was amazing!! You have to go!

This is a perfect example of manifest creation if someone is not in awe of this world then they need to slowly step away from their screens, close their eyes, smell the air, and try again, surely they must just need to turn themselves off reboot and try again.

Wowwwwwww thats astonishing . Waterfall and the rays are absolutely remarkable. Some great and awesome clicks.

Wow I don’t realize that park was amazing ! Gotta take a detour next time I’m in Cali! Nice shots you got , are you using a special lens to get those flare type effects ?

Oh you have to, most beautiful park I have been to yet! And no special lens for the flare, just caught the light just right!

The amazing you post, i like

These are the most beautiful pictures of nature ..wonderful nature photo

A great place on Earth, wonderful views and landscapes. Practicing yoga in such a space must be so cool! Cheers! 👋

how beautifully is it?

Wow! These are really beautiful amazing pictures of Nature. I was in California last year but not visited Yosemite National Park.

I will surely visit there next time. May be in September month.

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The beauty of Mother Earth. 12496345_941103145996775_1769863017240005945_o.jpg

Of course I support freedom!!

Que fotografías tan espectaculares.
El Yoga te quedo buenísimo en esos parajes.
La Ardilla genial.
Me encanto el post.

Absolutely gorgeous. Great photo for landscapephotography.

Good job..
Please follow me

Omg, your photo captures the spirit! Beautiful scenery and you)

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Nice photos! I have followed you.

Wow stunning pictures!
Funny how the squirrel looks like he is taking a nap ahah

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I would love to visit Yosemite National Park. Lovely photos, I am glad you enjoyed your time spent there. Have a great weekend!

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