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I need to finish, this body is somewhat of my take on a Les Paul, if said Les Paul had a Stratocaster bridge on it.

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Hi @meno like I said on youtube, Its nice to meet you. Your guitar work is truly great I have never actually met someone making custom guitars. It seems like a big process. Like I asked on YouTube your opinion will mean a lot seeing that you are a super engaging figure hear on Steemit. Have a great day bud, will be following to see your progress :)

I like the contours of the top. It looks a bit 'curvier' than a Les Paul.

yeah... i was trying to add my on twist to it.. not make a copy, thats not as fun

Is that Walnut? It's so beautiful lol.. You have a talent my friend!

the top is flamed maple, the back is mahogany... i love walnut, i've used it before, its a real treat to use it..

no that's meno

Lol nice one



That's some really pretty wood on the face of that body!
Do you glue your own bodies together?
I don't have the wood working equipment to do that kind of work.

The body is a little bit thick isn't it? -E-Bass or E ?

i still got to carve the back some more, but it should be thinner than a regular LP

Aaaah :D

You're done, I liked your post, good luck and have a good day

Nice washburn i folow

thats so cool. i have a friend who builds custom guitars. or he used to build them, but he discovered that they build it for a fraction of the price in China. Now he just imports it. lol

great picture.. please vote my post and follow me.thanks

Wow dude this is going to be awesome!

To create is to listen to the heart and move on the thread that is stretched to them through every minute of our life. It is necessary to listen.
I liked your post

Nice prototype. Will it be the next product line of Fender 😛

I wish I had your skills. My beautiful guitar cracked and have it repaired. I once tried to build a monochord but I do not have crafting skills I am afraid lol

@meno This is an awesome project. :) Best wishes to you.