They can take fingers off pretty easily and they have really long necks. I didn't want to lose a finger! lol

I remember when we were kids my father spotted one in the area where we were swimming in the lake. He prodded it with a boat oar and it snapped on to the oar and he was able to carry it out of the area and release it into a different part of the lake. It always caused me to worry just a little bit about what was lurking underneath the water.

That reminds me of the guy that caught a muskie with his foot in the Boundary Waters. He had his feet up off the end of the canoe and the thing jumped out of the water and latched on. Sadly, he didn't get to keep it, because it wasn't legally caught.

My Boundary Waters fishing adventure was when I caught a bass and just as I brought it up to the canoe a huge northern pike came up and hit the bass and I ended up catching both of them! I'm glad my foot was not involved!