The floral experience.

in photography •  6 months ago

There is a growing trend amongst my friends recently, taking up floral design. As a naturist, I've always been fascinated and more importantly invigorated by all things natural, travelling around the world for the last few months has given me a broad view of the beauty of mother earth, and also how people tend too live amongst this nature.

Getting to know nature is one way we can preserve it and learn to live in harmony with our environment. That said, I've been taken to a floral design class today by my friend, and I was fascinated with all the different potential arrangements.

It's also really impressive that individual pieces have little appeal, but when combined in the right way, they bring out so much.


With a little bit of inspiration from some of the most classics works of art, we were able to pull together quite an impressive work of art in its own right.

Pulling together colour, dimension, depth and shape, every little detail in this bouquet was thought out. Think of it like filling up a forest from the treeline all the way down to the grass at the bottom. Everything in between has a purpose and unique aesthetic which adds to the overall look and feel of the piece.


My favourite part of the whole experience was picking the flowers from the wholesaler. It's really impressive seeing the whole range of flowers available. Some of them look out of this world, with colours I didn't think possible on flowers.

I'm sure the more experienced florists will know exactly what to do with them, because for me, I can only look in awe.


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