Sushi and Matcha 2!

in photography •  26 days ago

The restaurant was very simple yet smartly decorated. The service was very prompt and I was found a seat right away. My chopsticks, drinking water and soy sauce were all in reach. The menu had a great variety of food to choose from. They specialise in seafood and grilled meat. I could smell the aromas of the seasoned meats being swiftly cooked on mini grills around the restaurant. It’s a most sweet and appetising smell. Despite this temptation however, I opted for some fresh sushi. Today was not to be a meat feast but a journey across the ocean.

Every sushi piece was serve delicately on its serving dish. I could tell how fresh the ingredients were from simply tasting the fish. The flesh of the fish was cut with precision and simply melted away as I chewed at it. Every bite that I took from my dish was a blast of oceanic goodness. The wasabi and soya sauce combo went exquisitely well with every form of sushi and sashimi. The meal concluded with a rather dark and green looking dessert. It may look simple but the Matcha (green tea) and red bean paste dessert is one of the most delicious treats I have had in a while. It’s an addictive mix of flavours that doesn’t end up being too sickly. It had just the right amount of sweetness to end a pleasant meal.

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I love the sushi plate! My mom have collects japanese plates and tea pots that will match that plate :)