Sushi and Matcha 1!

in photography •  27 days ago

Over time, I have had the opportunity to explore many different types of foods. Among my favourites, Japanese cuisine ranks very highly. There is very little to dislike about Japanese cuisine when exploring the various styles of food. The Japanese pay high attention to presentation and detail, composing some of the most beautiful dishes I have ever laid eyes on. The colours and flavours are always a brilliant blend that compose a fulfilling taste with each mouthful. For this evening’s meal, I was heading down to “Charcoal Grill SHO EN” for some exquisite Japanese culinary. I had heard a great deal of positive things about this restaurant and was looking forward to see if it really lived up to all the compliments.

The weather in Hong Kong was proving to be quite humid during the last few days and I was in the mood for something refreshing and cool. I couldn’t think of a better way to enjoy this evening’s meal than to order some of the recommended sushi and sashimi servings on the menu.

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