Party at The Club 1!

in photography •  25 days ago

There are time where working, studying and living our day to day lives really takes a toll. We often move towards an objective or goal and things can feel a little one dimensional at times. I love to enrich my mind and body with hobbies and exercise. However, there comes a time when it’s all a little tiresome and a little bit of fun and relaxing in order. Travelling around, I have enjoyed the spas, massages and other treatments but on this occasion it was time to meet some of my good friends and let loose for some play time at our favourite local clubbing spot. People go to the club for many reasons but personally, I find that enjoying the ambience with my good friends and having a great time is healthy once in a while. I get to forget about all my troubles and enjoy myself in a safe and spontaneous environment.

Before a round of clubbing, I tend to have my meal early for the evening. There is nothing worse than going to the club on an empty stomach and being offered a few drinks to enjoy.

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