Dancing Through the Night 1!

in photography •  23 days ago

When it’s time to let my hair down, I like to do so in style. Partying in some of my favourite spots is a special occasion for me as I seldom get to go out. The long nights that are filled with music and dancing seem ever so distant with how busy life has become. However, once in a while I get the chance to meet up with friends and head to the club for some partying. I don’t tend to drink much when I am out having fun as I would class myself as a drowsy drinker. I tend to lose my buzz after a while and will often go home early if drinking excessive amounts. Keeping drinks aside however, there is much to do in a club and I really enjoyed myself throughout the night.

One of my favourite parts of clubbing is the music and dance that fills the night. The DJs will often play the hottest and latest tunes and it’s great to just lose yourself in the beat. Many likeminded people are on the dance floor and it’s great to gather the girls for a little dance off. You don’t need to be a dancing superstar to have fun, and having fun was very much the motive of tonight’s antics. We gathered our group of friends and booked a space to enjoy the vibe among ourselves.

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