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RE: Great Festival Durga Puja 2017 Episode 04

in #photography6 years ago

Very beautiful pictures of mother Durga. We had also celebrated Durga puja greatly, shoping, sweet, friends.It is very beautiful time family getogether. I like your post so much, I am from Nepali community ,please tell me how is my Bengali "kemon ache, bhallo ache? "


You are speaking very nice in Bengali. A slight correction may be applied -
"Kemon achen/acho , bhalo achen/acho ?"

Oh nice, kemon achen ?Aktu dadau ami ache. ETA Misti Katha? Very beautiful and tasty language. Do you know Nepali?

No, I do not know Nepali, but, I hope I can learn easily :)

Ramro xa.

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