A poem accompanied by my collection of the top 3 Maui sunset pictures I have ever taken

in photography •  11 months ago

Awe inspiring, breath taking, stunning, beautiful, blessed, and perfect. These are some of the words that come to mind as I stand before the artwork of our Lord as he paints the sky with colors that can't be bought or bottled. It humbles me inside as I stand in patient, introspective, obedience to time as it unfolds itself across the sky and day spirals into night scattering the sky with stars and moonlight. I dream of better days and great accomplishments as I also quietly reflect on the passing of yesterday. I have regrets but even more so I have joy because I have been spared so much within millimeters I have been spared unspeakable misery and have tumbled into every undeserving blessing. The day begins with the same bursts of color and beauty and so I know that the beginning and the end are sisters as they are both touched with the dewy night, cold air and the drama of the sun. And as if eternity was summarized by a brilliant moment the sun sets and as I exhale I give thanks for another completed day that gives my soul rest. DSCN2017.JPG

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Wow @mauisunrise, nice poems and photography!