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Cantharellus aurora - The hat reaches 15 - 60 mm in diameter; in young sporocarps gray-brown translucent yellowish, with age appear rusty, orange and ochraceous lightening; it is initially convex, but it quickly becomes funneled or trumpet in the center; the surface in young specimens has small scales, and with age becomes naked; margin initially incurved, later undulated, curly, distinct.

Hymenophore, initially pale-pink, pink-yellow; with age, it takes on an intense yellow-orange color; it is smooth for a long time and shallow and poorly mottled in older specimens; it runs away far from the shaft.

Stipe yellowish to yellow-orange, the color is more intense especially in the lower half; reaches a height of 15 - 70 mm and a thickness of 5-10 mm; cylindrical, equal or in the lower and upper part widened, empty to the ground; often laterally flattened; wrinkled, with longitudinal furrows.

The flesh is thin, soft, whitish, creamy and yellowish on the outside; pleasant smell, distinct fruity, very intense; mild taste.

Occurrence: not often; in coniferous forests, especially under pine trees; likes limestone soils; sporocarps usually grow graciously, from July to October.

Value: edible

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