THE FIRST Steemit Professional Photoshooting - Backstage photos included!!! - Whale - Dolphin shoot too!!

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Hello Steemians...Manthos again...

Photography section is nice on Steemit, but it lacks originallity... and genuinity..
So i decided to make a photoshooting, especially for steemit this time... :)

First of all lets talk about what is needed... in order to make a professional photoshooting..

  1. Imagination - mood for creativity... love for what you do.
    2)Some decent gear... Nikon and Canon rule this field for the moment... no difference between them.
  2. Some models!! Thats easy to find when you work in photography field.
  3. A make up artist.. It might look overexaggerating... but a make up artist can fix something in one minute... that it would take you ages in photoshop to fix in post-production.
    5)Its not a one man job... 2-3 people at least to make the best teamwork
    6)Location is important.. but using a sharp eye... every location is perfect

Thats the main sum up.. of whats needed...

Lets talk about what gear we used...

We didnt choose Nikon for a specific reason... Sometimes you start with something, you buy lenses.. and then its hard to change a brand.. and start from the beggining... Its all about composing a good picture.. and having a good eye... some talent included too...

Our gear for the photoshooting was:
Nikon D800 for then main part of shooting --36mpixels is perfect for fashion...
Nikon D3 for the backstage shooting -- 12mpixels, amazing fast focus, and super fast continuous shooting.. good for sports photography.
Nikon D750 for the video backstage shooting -- Low light monster, and great colours out of the box.

Nikon 28-70mm f2.8 non VR
Nikon 80-200mm f2.8 non VR
Tokina 16-28mm f2.8
Nikon 85mm f1.8
Nikon 50mm f1.8

Lights - Strobes - Flashes
Elinchrom Ranger Rx battery pack... With 1100watt Flash head...
(Elinchrom 1100 watt flash head is a perfect head that can overpower the sun... but its main disadvantage is that its heavy in carrying it arround locations..)

The Tshirts, were printed... One of our girl had bigger shoulders and we ended up going to make a bigger tshirt... :)
We had a whale-dolphin with us too....
Ssshhh i cannot reveal his name... He just wanted some shots with the girls... thats it!

Its pretty important... to have the best mood, backstage mentality must be cheerfull... no loud voices.. or nerves... Models must be relaxed... and stress free...
Lets take a look on what happened yesterday..

We went to a beach bar...where the photoshooting would take place.

Some make up... in the colors of steemit of course!! The Power of the Blue!

Our beautifull Girls... Zoe and Constance

Our make up artist - Valentina
check out her work here...

The anonymous whale!!

Our loved.. hard working ranger...

Constance is manipulating the whale... or its a dolphin?

Zoe here... well.. :)

Ok i already made this post long... Lets Get going to the good stuff....

Thats all for now...

My main wish if for steemit, to become well known in the fashion world too.. steemit accessories, steemit tshirts, bags, shoes... This part of the world economy.. is on of the largests... And with the rewarding system everyone will have the incentive to work harder and better...
Every fashion designer could post his work, and get rewarded.. or even fashion eshops could appear... and accept steem or any other kinds of payments...There are so many uses of steemit, and it can go deep, very deep inside the fashion world... Kickstart new talents, promote really good models, even give advice to people who want to join this world.. withs its bad and good things...

Thats all for now steemians... i will upload a dropbox link here... with more photos... cause i didnt edit them all yet...

All the above finallized images were of course through photoshop and lightroom!
Feel free to download the photos and re use them... We need people to know every aspect of steemit.

Special thanks to @steemychicken1 for his help in the backstage photoshooting-videoshooting and advising.

P.s the whale wants to remain anonymous :P or it was a dolphin?

#photography #steemit #girls #fashion


Cool stuff. Hey, maybe you should apply to be the man who will shoot an official Steemit promotional video. Worth tagging @dan and other whales?

@manthostsakirid I like this photo

Okay, Vote Done !!!

I like this girl!

@claudiop63, yeah I agree with you, @manthostsakirid, I also will wait for your creative ideas next ..

Thank you @claudiop63 i can't tag them! I dont know them, my team shot the video im just the photographer
But they did a great job

By tagging I mean quoting them with @ symbol in front, which you can do for any Steemer :-)

yeah very good stuff, help me i don't know how to add a video on my post

lol, but great!

can you please stop licking the asshole of the whales?

very nice...

Wow , great photo shoot , shame you insulted everyone else in photography category with this :

Photography section is nice on Steemit, but it lacks originallity... and genuinity..

Now let's talk about took 2 professional models (easy to find since you are working in the field) that had no idea about steem...and you are telling me that they where genuine ?

Now originality....steemit, dolphins, lovely location...yup much wow , such originality.

Now dont get me wrong, i love the photo shot, and the video, and the wet tshirt, and i am not contesting your skills as a photographer....but i am calling you out on your choice of words.

Hi! This post has a Flesch-Kincaid grade level of 9.5 and reading ease of 73%. This puts the writing level on par with Michael Crichton and Mitt Romney.

Image of steemish

I really think there may be ​more truth here than most people realize.

Nice trick

High-quality photos... but there is no imagination / creativity (paragraph 1 from your list). Dolphins. Steemit t-shirts. Too trite and predictable.

No offense. Just IMHO.


But there is time, effort and original content and not copy and paste in order to make a quick buck. We need to promote more users to, at least, take the risk of making new content. Sure it isn't portfolio quality work, but how can we blame the photographers and models here for that? It's not like they knew ahead of time what they were going to get paid for their work.

I would say, "If you can do better, then don't complain", but I don't think that argument is worth a crap when others use it. However, please make sure that you are doing the same with whatever your content might be in the future. Sometimes in order to get paid for your work, you have to put high concept and imagination to the side and be simple and effective. This is basic commercial fashion photography we are talking about here and not the cover of a highbrow photos for photographers magazine.

Anyway, thanks for your opinion. Can't say I disagree entirely, just wanted to add some extra perspective.


also add to that using the female body as token... I personally find this very tasteless and uninspired. it's the same shit with games and using booth-babes at events.. so unfortunate.

This is a start of sorts, hopefully more photographers can see that original work is being rewarded and next time a more creative and unique photoshoot will get properly rewarded so more photographers will take the risk.

As I've pointed out many times elsewhere, it's the whales that dictate what is worth emulating. If they are willing to upvote something that is more challenging to our sensibilities, the smaller fish will know that it's ok to upvote that material as well. The cycle can then continue as more posts can see that their time isn't wasted if they want to do something similar.


I still have issues with the idea that global taste is dictated by the few... it feels like a simulation of real life here... =/

and yes, 'willing' is the keyword there..

Well, I would have to guess that by now, you definitely are a Steem Model!?! Welcome aboard and wishing you thriving times among us all. Namaste :)

Nice to found you @eric-boucher !!
i still can not believe what is happening!! im very very exited!!

Did you yet check out the rest of my blog in relation to taking pictures and hanging out in very very beautiful locations??? Check it out:

I sure hope you'll equally enjoy, namaste :)

Good stuff... the whale looks like a dolphin to me :P

it is a dolphin! :p

Woow... 👍amazing post... Good work

#Photography doesn't lack originality or creativity, it lacks passionate curators. Corporate logos are at the top when my photography goes unnoticed. Hot chicks cant fix bad taste. Well, on steemit hot chicks in corporate wear is.... interesting? Yea whatever

Totally agree read my comments! Im not impressed! ♨♨♨

I know, and the first statement on this post was just #photography is full of crap, so here are more hot chicks wearing corporate wear and underpants. Yea, if whales were half decent curators with taste and style, this wouldnt be at the top of Steemit. My own brilliant photography would actually have a chance. But Im not a sellout. Im not going to put a Steemit shirt on my Dog so I can win over a whale vote. Economic corruption is what we have here. This is just a corporate fan club circlejerk.

the first statement on this post was just "#photography is full of crap, so here are more hot chicks wearing corporate wear and underpants."

Yea, if whales were half decent curators with taste and style, this wouldnt be at the top of Steemit. My own brilliant photography would actually have a chance. But Im not a sellout. Im not going to put a Steemit shirt on my Dog so I can win over a whale vote. Economic corruption is what we have here. This is just a corporate fan club circlejerk.

Awesome post! I fully agree! 😆😉👍👌✌

Know what is the next?
Steemit bodypaint, sure

Nice shoot :D

Boobs and Steem! It's a winning combination for sure! :D

Nice work and/or models ;)

One of the girls has hairy legs. where's the downvote?!

Now that's what i call AWESOME! and

Many thanks for the good suggestions I gathered from your blog

you are welcome my friend!

Very nice @manthostsakirid :D
Very pretty.

Excellent Job there manthos 👍👍👍

OMG, something took over the cheetah post on the trading page! Congratulations, lol!

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Amazing pictures, can't wait to see the rest!

The first thing that pop into my mind when i saw the thumbnail was:

"that is a dam good photoshop."

Boy was i wrong. WOW!!!

Thank you @gss! I did some photoshop but only corrections not manipulation!

When a man's knowledge is sufficient to attain, and his virtue is not sufficient to enable him to hold, whatever he may have gained, he will lose again.


Thanks @manthostakirid

This is genuinely a great post....I liked reading it. Thanks !

This really is very professional, congratulations.

Not to mention the girls :)

Great teamwork! Wish you all the best!


Typical! No good story line really, chick photos wearing steemit colors! Gets all the money, im a female and im getting tired of it really! If steemit wants to keep more women posting stories this isnt the way! Ive posted many good stories and get 0, so have many other people! I will stay a bit longer and keep posting but this just discourages me and others, especially when its all photos , come on now 10,000.! Its just a lop sided friends of steemit and whales that get all the attention! The rest of us can forget about it😊😉just my opinion! STEEM ON ! 😣😣♨♨♨

YOu go girl. We've got to teach more men the meaning of "Tits or GTFO!"

Omg! Art is way different so is music and all art forms are ! This is in no way art! If you think it is then your crazy!

I think you must have misunderstood what I said due to not knowing who I was replying to. I didn't make any judgments on what I consider to be art. I was asking another user questions in order to get an idea of what he considered art.

I'm replying to this comment of yours because the comment you made to my post is nested too deeply in the replies and there is a limit so there is no direct reply button.

If you assumed that I thought the photographs in this post are art, I can say yes. The definition of what is art is quite vague. In my opinion this isn't "good" art, as in something that will stand the test of time, has something meaningful to say, or any of the things that make a fine work worthy of adulation.

However, it's commercial "art", at the very least, and I'm not going to belittle it for it is serving it's designed purpose. Surely the photographers and models involved see this as work and not a labor of love and it's fairly disposable.

Also, for clarification, I believe dance and singing is art. Modelling, the profession, is a skill and career and not on the level of a real art, but it's not artless entirely by any stretch. Modelling can be very expressive, after all the human form and face are involved and there isn't anything more expressive than an expression, eh?

Acting falls in to a similar area. It's very expressive, but it's not quite the art form that music, painting and dance are. Once again, art is extremely personal and subjective, so I am loathe to say my opinion is the final say on this. (obviously it's not) But at least @karenmckersie has some idea what I was thinking and hopefully doesn't still think I'm crazy! :)

NIce photography setup @manthostsakirid !

God this is so lame

I'll probably get downvoted for this, but when I see women that want to be a model, singer, dancer, or actress, I view all these things as attempting to take the path of least resistance or easy way out in life and should be frowned upon. When I see posts like this, it's kind of like visiting Sodom and Gomorrah and seeing people complain there's not enough...sodomy. You should be dissuading people from becoming bimbos, not encouraging them.

Interesting perspective. Are you suggesting that singing or dancing in general are inferior art forms to others? Or is that you feel only female singers and dancers are to be frowned upon?

What does modeling, singing, dancing, and being an actress all have in common? Trying to get people to look at you, to put yourself up on a pedestal. I'm not exactly the first person to discover these are stereotypical bimbo professions.

It likely involves something Freudian in nature where the dumber people are, the more they're mostly driven by animal instincts like reproduction, and if you can put yourself up on a pedestal like you're something to be worshiped, it's a way to try and get the "alpha-males" to fight over you, which aids in the natural selection process.

Nobody has complete free will, but some people have more than others. The girls in these pictures, you can just look at their eyes and tell there is nothing going on upstairs, and in that case, they function basically as biological robots and are more prone to stereotypical, predictable, deterministic behavior.

If you don't tell them their interests are vapid, vain, and horrible, and instead worship them for their bimbo behavior, you're subsidizing the creation of monsters. This is why western women are so bad compared to many other countries. Instead of saying, hey, you gotta stop doing this shit, people reward them for it.

Could you answer my question instead of going back to what you already think?

Do you think a male singer or dancer is exempt from your ridicule?

Do you think that human vocals are an inferior instrument to other instruments?

Do you think that the art form of dance, which is probably the oldest art form humanity has created, is inferior to painting or other artforms?

If you answer my simple questions so I can get a better understanding of where you are coming from, I can then go in to what you are saying.

You may think that I don't agree with you at all. That isn't the case. I don't know what exactly you really think, so work with me and clarify it by answering me.


"Do you think that the art form of dance, which is probably the oldest art form humanity has created, is inferior to painting or other artforms?"

I doubt anyone can accurately define what the origin of "dancing" is, but it's probably something to do with primitive, tribal type stuff involving war dances, celebration of war victory, etc. I don't really see it as art. To take it from that tribal level and drag it into some type of ballroom dancing thing seems like a distortion of it's roots and what it's function is.

This is why people are more prone to dance while drunk, because nobody even knows the point of what they're doing. Once you drag it away from those roots, it turns into more of some weird vanity thing of trying to get people to look at you and admire you. Women are more prone to this type of stuff, which is why most men in modern civilization either can't or don't want to dance really.

You can still see black people from "the hood" utilize it in it's native form doing things like overly excessive NFL touchdown dances that last 10 minutes in order to try and convince their opponents they are superior in the imaginary war, though. Or those Maori soccer people.

"Do you think that human vocals are an inferior instrument to other instruments?"

From an objective standpoint, if you're trying to encompass all music - probably, because anything can be classified as an instrument like reeds in a marsh or something whacking around, to the point where you could say white noise is music.

There's more variety since it's basically unbounded complexity in both analog range while also not being limited to human language. Voice is analog, but unless you're rambling incoherent stuff, it's going to be more limited and repetitive. It's like comparing an open entropy and closed entropy system. But that's only from an objective standpoint. Unless you take the stance the purpose of music is to be like some type of bard and express a specific idea.

Omg! Art is way different so is music and all art forms are ! This is in no way art! If you think it is then your crazy!

The comments you made to me are too deeply nested so there is no direct reply button for them.

I think we are going to end up agreeing to disagree so I'll just end the conversation here.

Essentially if you find that dance is not an art form, and the human voice is inferior to other instruments then we are going to go back and forth so much that this platform will end up not being a good place for it.

What I was trying to get out of you was whether you thought singing and dancing were worthwhile in general and specifically if it was just bad when women wanted to be singers and dancers or men as well. Anyway, good luck to you.

Until next time.

Wow! nice stuff ! Thanks for share!

That one hot chick in the middle nailed the " Blue Steem" pose!


[Mistake - Edited]

[Mistake - Edited]

@wingz Mistake, yet we still don't know do edits affect payout.

I liked favorite color is blue and you now your post with blue smell like seawater but I am glad to see it .. good job @manthostsakirid

Nice pics and video. Wondering how much it cost to product it. Just another marketing too.

As a professional photographer i thought you wouldn't need that much money to cash out your rewards so fast.

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very very very beautiful

More Blue Lipstick:

Is going to be the Steemit:

Very Hot Pictures.

You must be an ambassador steemit :)

Nice Photos and you are beautiful ;)

This post epitomises the downfall of Steemit. It has become a shallow and murky pond of bottom-feeding money-grabbers. There are content producers and content consumers in this world and the producers are nowhere to be found here. Just parasites feeding from each other. I applaud the efforts of the developers but sadly where money is to be made it always comes down to the lowest common denominator. This post is frankly an insult- an insult to men, women, Steemit and to the English language.

@manthostsakirid, I give special for you. :-)

There is a lot of effort in this shooting, so great Job! But in my opinion its not the right way to advertise steem and steemit. Im not a fan of models in advertising, especially because steem is a network for progress and technology, and not for fashion and looks. You should show ways implementing steem in the real world or the use and possibilities of steem.

great shootout :-)

be proud always.
steemit will grow rapidly like other websites.
so promote this page to all of your friend.
then we talk about everything you want ...

A lot of effort on show! well done ladies

Very beautiful photos! I am also a photographer from Russia, you can see my work:
Next photoshoot
photoshoot Anime

The dolphin is the best. I'd like to see more of that plz. :)
Great work.

great job :)
I want to be a photographer.

This is ewww.

I like this blue lips, maybe I am a little bit perverted.

Does the color blue is the new red for the lips?

If it were not for these boobs and sexy body that had not upvote. There, i said it.

Want to see how live in Russia? Go to my page!

The weird dead eyed, slightly parted lips, staring straight at the camera thing that a lot of models do has always been really uncanny to me. It seems way too forced and kind of creepy.

those are some set of nails :D

Just another marketing to sell.

One year later its still awesome!!! great content, explicit technical details explained in a way where you want to read it again and again. Not to mention the pictures :-)
I liked it all!!!!

Too much make up.

I just posted two awesome posts, they didn't seem to get the attention I feel they deserve. I would love if you guys could check them out. Thanks

Ah, welcome to steemit. I see the problem with your posts. They lack sexy ladies.

Now, if that bridge was an attractive 20 something white girl that liked to travel, you'd be set.


very beautiful!

The upvotes per second on this is going to be nuts.

nice lips.. >.< nice tshirt.. >.< take my pitchure with this lips and tshirt..please _

nice photo and models

Nicely done... btw, not to be seedy but that way pretty "steemy" hahaha.... Nice work.

very nice photos! Well done!

What are you fellows. Cool !

Deserved my upvote as I see a lot of effort you put in this photoshoot! you rock

great post, thank you!

good shots
Upvote :)

That's a lot of stuff for just a few pictures !

good job... good luck...

This should do well.

Check out our Steemit Photo Challenge in the photography section starting today.
Maybe you bring some originality and 'genuinity' :)

Thank you @jamtaylor i will check it!! Lets hope it will do well!!

Cool! Best girl

wow very wonderful

Great fashion photography! Thanks for that! I'm a different type of pro photographer. I have been shooting stock for over 20 years now. I just joined, and have written about stock in my Introduceyourself post. I would love it f you would read my blog follow me back. I intend to share as much as I can about my experiences. First thing I did on here was to search for fellow professionals.

"As long as you know men are like children, you know everything!" Coco Chanel

The pictures do look amazing. Must have been a nice day shootings.
I draw a whole steemit cartoon and posted it as well! I should have used steemit colors and maybe a female. oh well, shit happens! Great job! I am jealous! Lmao