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Guess who it is!

A portrait of award running documentary movie director whom I met at a festival in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria a few years ago.

I found a lot of his advice about videos quite relevant to Photography, too. "A story should be about a hero. One story - one hero." Let's not deal in absolutes but remember that thought.

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One hero ? It will be helpful for my next video series :)

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Yeah, I understand it as having a main focus. There are support characters but knowing who our hero is enables emotional attachment, getting under the skin, etc.

The hero of my post won Oscar with a movie about the attack on WTC in NY but he focused on specific firefighters (I think it was two brothers - see, he broke his own rule and still...) among hundreds of volunteers. Here comes that thought again about more personal becoming more universal.

Probably good advice, though I think sometimes it helps to play around with subterfuge when it comes to heros. Attack on Titan is a little bit like that with many characters acting as heros at times, because the main hero is troubled.

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Alright, what if we see each different scene as a story? Can you feel a personal perspective or focus on a particular character?

That's pretty good advice! And a very interesting picture.