What color is your Friday?

in photography •  6 months ago

All these photos are United by the fact that they display this beautiful sky blue color. He has been accompanying us for two months now. This is absolutely rare for us because everyone used to think (and it really is) that our main color is gray. This year the weather spoils us with its bright colors and abundance of sunlight . This is a small series of photos for #ColorChallenge - FridaySkyblue

DSC00802 (2).JPG
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This terrace offers beautiful views of the blue expanse. The blue sky and the blue surface of the river slightly dilute this rich green.

DSC00300 (2).JPG
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All coastal greenery is reflected as in a mirror in the blue surface of the lake .

DSC00715 (3).JPG
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The color of the sky is so smooth and bright that the buildings on its background look like theatrical scenery.

DSC09608 (2).JPG
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View of the Neva river.

Camera SONY DSC-W350

Thank you for Your attention and Your visit. I appreciate Your feedback and comments.

7 days - 7 colors: the idea belongs to @kalemandra

Don't forget about our color days of the week:

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  • TuesdayOrange
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  • ThursdayGreen
  • FridaySkyblue
  • SaturdayIndigo
  • SundayPurple

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Beautiful blue skies and such a beautiful city! In California, summer is the dry season. No rain, no clouds. So beautiful blue skies all summer.


@steven-patrick , We would be too happy if this weather continued all summer. It's not always like that. We have a lot of rain and cloudy weather here in the North-West of Russia. I know that California is always warm and beautiful. I like the Sunny weather. Thanks for Your comment :)

Hello my friend @madlenfox. Nice blue sky! Good for the eyes!

Here in our country, we also have beautiful blue sky, but today it is kinda weird as it seems like going to rain. haha.
Thank you for sharing your weather today. I hope you have a great weekend my friend.


@itsmechille, I am glad to see you, thank you For your kind words and wishes :)


I am happy to see you too my dear friend @madlenfox. Thank you and I wish you a beautiful weekend.

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We're obviously sharing the same unusually lovely weather as you @madlenfox and it's forecast to last at least another week!

My favourite photographs in your set are te ones with water in them, i.e. the one with the lake and the one with the river. 😊


@gillianpearce, It's a great choice! we have Water everywhere. Therefore, the city has a second name - Venice of the North. The city is rugged by rivers and canals (you remember the map with aerial photography )


Yep. I remember it @madlenfox and that St Petersburg is on an island! 😁

hey @madlenfox, frankly speaking i am in love with second and third picture...
Timing of second picture is amazing
and the sky in third picture is so clear and blueee.


On the third photo the sky was simply unreal. The impression was that it is stretched flat blue fabric up to the horizon. I'm glad you like these pictures. @clicked , Thank you for Your visit ;)


you are always welcome @madlenfox.... I regularly visit your blog, i love the pictures you upload

Nice work buddy. I'm proud. :) Happy for the gone gray sky by the way. Let the sunshine in! :)


Thanks my friend! We are now really enjoying the good weather :)


Same here! :)

Hola @madlenfox
Hermosas las fotografías y bello el Cielo AZUL del Viernes BLUE.


@reinaldor, gracias por Tu visita y el hermoso paisaje. Yo Le deseo un buen fin de semana :)


Gracias @madlenfox.
Igual te deseo un feliz fin de semana.

Gorgeous blues also was some lovely blue skies here today also


@tattoodjay, I wish such a bright blue sky for Your weekend :)

What a beautiful blue sky @madlenfox! Here it's very gray and humid =s


@mrprofessor, It is possible that everything will still change and You will have a bright and Sunny weekend :). Thanks for stopping by :)


Oh yeah @madlenfox, quite possible. Winter here is like that - it's sunny, then it rains, then it's humid, then is hot, then it's cold again hahahaha we hever know

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