The stereotype of the "pimpmobile" - 📸 - for #ColorChallenge - MondayRed

in photography •  4 months ago

I guess someone remembers this handsome from the 1970s ?

DSC02469 (2).JPG

I couldn't get past him without taking a few shots. He's great! Cool car!

DSC02474 (2).JPG

DSC02475 (2).JPG

And what is most interesting is that he still travels on the roads of our city, forcing us to look back with delight after him.

DSC02476 (2).JPG

DSC02468 (3).JPG

Camera SONY DSC-W350 (click on any image to open it in full screen mode)

DSC02470 (2).JPG

7 days - 7 colors: the idea belongs to @kalemandra

Thank you for Your attention and Your visit. I appreciate Your feedback and comments.

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Thank you very much for Your support!

Super car in its days @madlenfox. Great ride


He looks really cool. :)
Thanks for watching @abbiephoto !

Oh I love it, especially the first photo!


The legendary handsome! I think he's timeless and good-looking after all these years.

Impecable auto, llama mucha la atención, eso no queda duda. Bella la primera fotografía, y todas.
Feliz día a ti @madlenfox


Es realmente bueno en todo momento. Ni siquiera quiero llamarlo-retro:) ¡te deseo un buen día @slwzl

Lovely old caddie. Gotta be red so everyone know you are here! I don't think they got any bigger than this. The 80's were a sad time for Cadillacs. They got smaller and felt cheaper.


I think that devoted fans of these models of cars will not let them be forgotten.

This is Royal red..
Awesome photograph for this contest..
All the best friend...

Great shots of the beast. Loved it.


Thank you!!!

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