Drenched city - 📸 - #cityscapephotography

in photography •  5 months ago

It's a little rain today. It didn't last long. He only cooled the red-hot city, refreshed sidewalks and reminded us the smell of the wind from the Baltic sea.

DSC01067 (2).JPG
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This is my entry for the contest #cityscapephotography , organised by @juliank.

location : Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Camera SONY DSC-W350

Thank you for Your attention and Your visit. I appreciate Your feedback and comments.


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Cool streetscape! I'm jealous of the rain. Its dry season here. We went for a hike yesterday. Look at this sky. It was as brutal as that looks. Hot and Dry



Oh, I can really see You're missing the rain . This yellow color of grass is already alarming. It's starting to dry up. I would be willing to share this rain with you, heh , but we have bright sun again today and there is no trace of yesterday's rain. Nature just gave a little drink to the plants and washed the city streets. And now everything continues on.

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How refreshing @madlenfox. it looks lovely in your photograph. 😊


It was very short but very strong. It's just like a waterfall. Umbrellas didn't save us from this. They were a useless accessory, heh . But it was a lot of fun. People around smiled at each other and rejoiced as children :)


That does wound fun @madlenfox! 😁

Bella fotografía @madlenfox
Se me había pasado felicitarte por la actuación de la selección de Rusia en el mundial. 🤗 un abrazo.


@slwzl, Gracias por sus amables palabras! Ahora ni siquiera podemos imaginar lo que se viene. Este campeonato es una verdadera sorpresa para nosotros :)


Les deseo éxitos. 🤗👏
Saludos @madlenfox

Finaally a spell of rain...
Hope you enjoyed it @madlenfox
Ready for next match?
You going to watch it ?


Of course we will all watch it, but only on TV. The teams of Russia and Croatia will meet in Sochi. A lot of our fans will come to this city to support our guys. I don't even presume to assume the outcome of this match, because in this championship perhaps even the most impossible, heh


yea you can;t predict anything in this world cup..... anything can happen

The city is beautiful!


heh, we love it in any weather, thanks @cave-man :)

A bit of rain here would be great! Its too hot at the Caribbean!


A bit of rain here
Would be great! Its too hot at
The Caribbean!

                 - blacklux

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Sometimes it is really long-awaited for everyone: people, animals, plants-all look forward to it :)

Nice shot. The colored ponchos add interest and bricks always look better wet.