Weird ice plants and a stupid day

in photography •  15 days ago


The highlight of today so far has been these weird ice plants. Whatever they are, whether actual plants or something else, they looked pretty cool.


Everything else about today has so far been stupid. I slept poorly, a store I tried to go to just happened to be closed on Fridays, and I didn't even remember to bring a pen to the coffee shop I went to to try doing a little analog work.


Now I'm back at the apartment and am not tired enough to nap, or awake enough to get anything done. Plus, I have a phone meeting in a couple of hours that I'm sure will be more annoying than productive. My plan is to drink a big glass of beet/apple/cabbage/carrot juice and just meditate until then. But if meditation fails, I'll probably just continue (re)watching game of thrones.

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I finally finished DS9, and am now watching Enterprise. I seriously thought about watching Game of Thrones again, but will probably wait until I'm done with Enterprise.


There's one of those big screen hd tvs in the room where I'm staying, so watching Game of Thrones again is like seeing it for the very first time because of how good the picture quality is: )