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The ocean does things to the weather here. A day later snow in the mountains was gone. Until next winter probably.

I had forgotten the feeling of the canvas has been wiped clean and nothing to add for a while. Staring at a blank page for hours and hoping streams of consciousness would begin to flow only to be disappointed and frustrated. Nothing. How are you able to pull yourself together to form words into sentences making perfect sense instead of being scattered all over the place floating into fuzziness of exhaustion? Oblivious and slightly numb.

Impressive, most impressive! Where’s my dose of doping? Poison to squeeze out a little bit more out of the empty tank while entertaining the thought of never needing sleep or food to keep going. What a flaw in the design of this machine made out of flesh, bones, and blood. At least shorter recharge period wouldn’t hurt, right?

You would argue but sleep’s so nice and so is food? Would you say that if you never knew how those felt like? Limitless energy to conquer, accomplish and explore. Instead, we sleep and feel tired (because we got to push forward) half of our lifetimes. Wonderful. Sigh.

Energy levels too low to make sense, come back seven, eight-ish hours later!

Song of the day: Grimes - REALiTi

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I love my sleep and please don't take it away. maybe functioning on less sleep ,but it is still good to close ones eyes and shut out the rest of the world.


Maybe it should be choice? Hehe. What if your eyes never needed resting and you could escape the world in different ways than sleep? I am bargaining here, lol

What a flaw in the design of this machine made out of flesh, bones, and blood. At least shorter recharge period wouldn’t hurt, right?

We never developed a "credit system" for sleeping because there was no need to, like there was for food – if there was extra, it got stored into the body in the form of fat to prepare for tough times. Only in our modern times would we benefit from being able to function at 100% with less sleep, because we didn't think things through and didn't prioritize sleep which is the most fundamental cornerstone for good health. Evolution isn't intelligent so it didn't prepare us in advance for the type of society we have now – even we as thinking humans don't know how society is going to look in a few decades.

But what I think is interesting, is that sleep provides a touching point into the unconscious in the form of dreams. This might've been beneficial to the survival of humans because it inspired the creations of myths and legends that tied communities tight together through common narrative.


We are living in sleep deprived society these days. At least it seems so. Unless we find way how to either carve shorter time for sleep instead of doing all the interesting stuff, or better stimulants that keep us going, I see this going only worse from now. Sleep when you ded :D Because being awake and doing stuff is way more interesting. For me anyway.


The problem is that we would need to replace all the recovery processes that are associated with sleep (which there are a lot). If not, it'll lead to quick detorioration of health, even if we had good stimulants.

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Maybe one day, science will find a way to make sleep unnecessary and give us unlimited energy. But I hope it happens after we have fixed the whole job problem and nobody has to work. Otherwise, our masters will just notice that we are too rested and demand 14 hour days instead of 8 hour ones, or even worse.

To them we are just warm bodies; machines, and our real lives are a necessary inconvenience to them. Nothing about such a technological advance would change that. They would say... "look at all the time my machines are wasting, being human!" So, they would demand more and more, until we all felt exactly as we do now.


That would suck. Even now it sucks so much. Because for those who work they are left with more tired hours for themselves. Always need to come into work fresh and rested, while the portion that is theirs is clouded by feeling exhausted. Fair?

Cog in the machine, huh? I hope one day we can just tell them to fuck off :D


It's far from fair, which is why I think we should all hack our schedules to flip our days around so that work comes last, or at least make some time for ourselves before work in the morning. Our masters demand tribute of 8 precious hours per day, but nobody said they had to be our freshest ones.

I can't wait for that fuck off moment; I hope we all make it there soon ^_^

There is sometimes when I feel completely drained, luckily not many though. Because of having a family, living in half ruin house that we still trying to renovate slowly depending on the budget balance at the end of the month. My shift work of 12,5 hours that sometimes last for about 5 weeks in different shifts. That makes me completely tired but satisfied. Then between them I try to concentrate of my paintings that take my mind away from our daily routine and that is my relaxation.

As to sleep, I love my sleep nevertheless try not to over do, latest we wake up on weekend is 8:30, because I want to enjoy the whole day and not miss my morning. And of course I love sweets, chocolates again we try to buy something on weekends.

I believe everyone has his own routine, that is mine and I am sometimes tired but I am happy to have all these chaotic things around me. I hope you will find your muse and stimulus and may be this is just a winter flare that will disappear with spring. I wish you a nice week and keep up :)


Oh my goodness. I am really impressed with people who do this and have family as well, because for me it is hard to imagine how difficult and tiring it must be even though it is also so rewarding to have your own people.

I feel my best when I have had at least 8 hours of sleep. Anything less makes me feel the drag and if it is 6-5 hours, complete zombie mode. I used to love sweets. Now I feel slightly disgusted when I eat them. Still enjoying if I eat them, but realizing consequences, haha.

Winter flare is optimistic, but I like it. Hope your week is going great too :)

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