A Beautiful Valentine's Day Dinner with Family (Also the #chickenbitches struck again!)

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My Mother in Law Always Loves Special Occasions


@MarionBowes loves any opportunity to dress up the house and set the table to match the occasion. Yummy chocolates with a few gifts snuck in too on this occasion...















Our Gang




The Food


This always happens to me with food pictures, once the food comes out, I stop taking photos! Food is highly distracting for me so I will just describe it. A caeser salad with homemade dressing and croutons. Chilli which was so hearty and delicious, just perfect for this damp winter day. Buns (of course I brought em haha) and the most delicious brownie that Craig made, plus don't tell the kids but I got a cookie too secretly in the kitchen that Craig had also made, he's quite the adept in the baking department!

Other Pretties




After Supper


We cleaned up the place, the kids played for a bit with their micro machines downstairs, and the men chatted. Haha it's just kind of a joke because we Women always complain that Brendan and Craig talk more than us. Truly though, I am glad they have such a great bond and rapport. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a relationship with their parents like B has with his.


Another thing I forgot to take photos of, outside! I wanted to get into the garden and get some shots of some trees and bushes I saw beginning to bud. Also the ocean there was spectacular today with the sun beginning its decent. So here, have this weak attempt at an ourdoor photo :)



Joey Cat is not amused with those weak ass night photos, nor is he amused that I have botched his photo op too. I'm glad we're not spending the night, I have a feeling he would cut me in my sleep!

Oh yeah one last thing...

@PoleBird asked me last week how her little godchicken James Bond was doing. I proceeded to inform her that @hendrix22 had seen her in the bottom of the barbecue the other day, they jump in from the back, I have seen John Cena go in there too and I always just assumed they were eating grease or burned crusties of food. And I don't know why it took so long for it to hit me, but I ended up checking inside...


These #chickenbitches hahahha! I cannot understand why the life of me, that a cold metal container, with no straw, no woodshavings, nothing, would be a comfortable spot to lay an egg as opposed to their nesting boxes or the 3 other outdoor nests that they have which at least have leaves and are in the dirt...but a metal bottom? A new level has been reached. Needless to say I keep the doors open now so they don't want to lay in there again. Chickens love their privacy and who can blame em really?


Tables looks very good ....perfectly decorated and set up to match the valentine 's day...Cups are amazing each for every person ....very nice read and you have perfect family..enjoy the dinner

Thank you very much for visiting @kartiksingh <3 <3 <3 We really enjoyed the beautiful evening.

I really like your chicken stories too...very entertaining

@lyndsaybowes, You all received valentine gifts before valentine day. Lol...
But Its surprising gifts. Awesome mug styles for bowes gang. You all pretty enjoying this moment with smiling. Smile must need to keeping good health. Yummy chocolates gave me tasty feelings now to me, coz choco is my favorite choice. :D
Wow....food has colorful decorations. I tell you that, after see food capture seriously I want full meal. Plz send it DHL to me....Ha ha ha...However chef has best cooking skills. Your gang really awesome there. Nice to meet you all.
What about topic discussion between Brendan and Craig? Is it current crypto market? ohhh.....Sadness....Just hodl..
Of course outdoor captures not clearly seems. But appreciate your effort. Such a beautiful place you staying. You're actually very lucky to stay there.
The cat really upset with current crypto down. Cat seeing coinmarketcap on your desktop screen. Lol...
Thanks for sharing excellent moment.

Omg hahahhaa!! Funny funny shit right there :) You are right, Brendan and Craig were definitely talking about the cryptos! It's been the main topic of discussion for many months now.

As for Joey Cat...you may be right again! He didn't see my desktop screen, he overheard Craig and Brendan!

Ha ha...yep exactly..

I feel like I haven't 'talked' with you in awhile and what a great way to catch up being a fly on the wall of this happy family dinner party. How wonderful that @marionbowes did this. I love the china and those cups are adorable. I also LOVE that ceramic bird, so the type of thing I'd have on a shelf in my studio, being obsessed with animals.

That chili looked so good. I'm eating it virtually right now ;)

I say, I love the colour of the kitchen cabinetry.

Oh, Joey Cat looks so like our Puss.

The egg in the grill is priceless. I've never let my chickens free range long enough to see if they would lay outside of their house, I am sure they would have, but thanks to Mr. Fox they were banned to their run, so I'll never know.

I am lucky with my MIL as well, as we are close and she is a sweetie. I only get to see her part of the year, as she spends the Winter in Florida (I don't blame her)

Well, it was lovely catching up and it's so nice to see a happy family celebration of Valentines day. @winstonalden and I have never celebrated it. I'm not one for things on days that we are 'told' to celebrate (The rebel in me maybe?) And afer I owend a flower shop for a few years I grew to dread Valentines day as that day and Mother's day was the Christmas rush for flowershop owners . And you'd think people would be happy getting flowers but you'd be wrong because the amount of complaints and frustrated people I had to deal with, oh well, best not to dwell on that. Let's just say I'd never own a service/retail business again. But I digress...

Happy Valentines Day (early) and it was nice sharing this moment with your family as always.

Ha. I am reading this since nothing is private and in some small way its the rebel in me. I think that knowing how Lyndsay does not do it, I try to find a way to keep celebrating each occasion, without being commercialized, since I hate that as well. But more to show mostly the kids, that we can have fun, be playful and get together and share a meal without going huge on $$$ or treats. Hence the cups, which they took home. I love to cook as well and its a little easier with a crowd or two. Alot of my celebration creativity comes from a European heritage which was big on that type of thing. However, it was never commercialized but rather a reason to share your food and your wine and enjoy your day and your friends and family. It seems to me that North Americans at large, except for a few just Live to Work, where as Europeans tend to Work to Live. In Germany for example where my family is from they make a festival out of everything. When the Peonies bloom and when the wine is ready and when they harvest a potato. Every town everywhere has a reason to get together and be grateful and joyous. You will never have to look to hard to find a festival. So I suppose this is why I am steeped in tradition to show my grandchildren. P.S. I do believe @lyndsaybowes and @hendrix22 have fun too. She certainly takes a lot of pics.

Awwww, hiiiiiii Donna, hehehe, would you believe you were a topic of discussion last night? Well, just about how much you are ADORED!! You and Winston both xoxoxo We loves you!!!!

I am a rebel in the same way! That's why it's always welcome when Marion puts on for the special occasions because it's not something I do, yet it will sure create a lot of special memories for the boys and us big kids too xoxoxo

I bet you were so busy during the V day season, I could only freekin imagine the haste!! And seriously...people are such complainers about everything...I've never been happier just being a stay at home Mom, away from society and all their bullshit!!

ok. worthy of an upvote. Poor Joey cat you make him sound quite wild. When actually he is such a lazy guy. Although he did get himself out from under the covers to say hello once or twice. Gosh that chili looks good. I should have done a post about it. ahhh next time .. Happy Valentines. xxxxx

You know I have to be dramatic haha! Joey is such a sweet angel but his sneer in this one, and plus the general nature of cats believing they are Gods called for that comment about him wanting to make me bleed lol. Thanks so much again for the lovely special occasion tonight <3 Tingo!

oh yes but I got a Blingo and all O's have been called. You know dogs have masters, cats have staff.

Awww.... I could kill for that Lil Sun-set just beginning to bud. It's a lovely sight to behold,

Slowly but steadily
The Sun makes its descent
Down the mountaintop
Wrapped in fiery red
Softened by passion's glow
And I watch in awe
At the majesty
Of this receding Sun

The China porcelain bird is quite a doll. Oh so much lovely pictures. This Valentine season is now getting to me seriously. Thank you dear for sharing

Thank you so much for blessing my page with your lovely prose Edith :) You really are one of a kind!

You are so welcome Lyndsey. It was my pleasure.

I always like seeing Joey the cat. I think he would have liked just a little spoonful of that delicious chili. It looks like he didn't get that though.

Well I can tell ya chilli is one of my favorite dinners and that big pot would have kept me quiet for a very long time. Have you discovered Pinto beans yet or do you still use red kidney beans? 😎

Well then I will send a pot of chili over in due order along with the ice. I have never used Pinto beans for chili but I did use white and red kidney beans. I must try with the Pinto..Image now this picture if you will...Beans, Ice to slide on and trousers or the lack there of. ha ha ha ha ha I really can not stop laughing

Yep that does make a pretty picture, laughing along with you as I slide on the ice pants round ancles grasping a large bowel of chili.... Pinto beans is what the Mexicans made the original with, our son in law doesnt like kidney beans so I went on line and discovered this fact, now we have to share ours with him lol. Our daughter use to use baked beans so he would eat it. Problem solved.

A lovely picture, for sure OMF. Do me a favour however, make sure the Zamboni has just cleaned the ice so it is nice and smooth. Would not want any snowflakes and such getting in the way of an otherwise really smooth ride. swoosh!!!

WOW... the creativity of the egg laying spots is truly inspiring! Nothing like a good judgemental cat face to brighten your blog surfing morning lol0

What a cozy dinner you guys had, super rad, that's what it's all about, warm cozy memories, and good food with great folks <3

Stay warm bowesfam!

Thanks for popping by and having some lols !! :) Big love for you @dayleeo!!

feeling the loves! <3 Right back atcha!

I literally LOL'ed over that egg. Too funny!
When my parents first got the house they are in now, there was a BBQ left in the yard from someone else. They don't BBQ. Ever. Not once. But they kept it with some vague notion that they might start.
They finally got rid of it when it was discovered it had a wasp nest in it. 😨
It's so nice y'all have such a good family relationship!

That would have been an awkward disposal!! I hope no one got hurt!

My dad is like Tim the Tool Man Taylor, so he probably sprayed and ran.

"Sprayed" with a blowtorch hahaha!

Run. (electric guitars play)

Loves it :) :) :) !!

Your Valentine Day dinner may be a bit early. But the rest of it is right on target.
The food looked delicious. And your description of the rest was spot on.
The family looked great too. It is so good to have family that can associate with one another and be at complete peace and harmony.
The chickens are another matter though. We have no way to explain it.
So we just let the chickens be chickens. They will be anyway. Ha
Thank you


Thank you Francis, the chickens are very soothed by your approach to life ... it gets them off the hook anyways!!

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