Baby Buddha Figurines in Seoul, South Korea

in photography •  7 months ago

I stumbled onto and took a picture of these baby Buddha figurines hiding in the forest amongst some bushes at a Buddhist area in Seoul, South Korea.

Thanks for checking out what I consider to be a cute and fun to look at photograph! :)

Which kind of Buddha are you feeling like right now?

(I personally feel like the sleeping one in the front.)

Nate @lundgreenman

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Woff, woff!

Hello @lundgreenman, Nice to meet you!

I'm a guide dog living in KR community. I can see that you want to contribute to KR community and communicate with other Korean Steemians. I really appreciate it and I'd be more than happy to help.

KR tag is used mainly by Koreans, but we give warm welcome to anyone who wish to use it. I'm here to give you some advice so that your post can be viewed by many more Koreans. I'm a guide dog after all and that's what I do!


  • If you're not comfortable to write in Korean, I highly recommend you write your post in English rather than using Google Translate.
    Unfortunately, Google Translate is terrible at translating English into Korean. You may think you wrote in perfect Korean, but what KR Steemians read is gibberish. Sorry, even Koreans can't understand your post written in Google-Translated Korean.
  • So, here's what might happen afterward. Your Google-Translated post might be mistaken as a spam so that whales could downvote your post. Yikes! I hope that wouldn't happen to you.
  • If your post is not relevant to Korea, not even vaguely, but you still use KR tag, Whales could think it as a spam and downvote your post. Double yikes!
  • If your post is somebody else's work(that is, plagiarism), then you'll definitely get downvotes.
  • If you keep abusing tags, you may be considered as a spammer. It may result to put you into the blacklist. Oops!

I sincerely hope that you enjoy Steemit without getting downvotes. Because Steemit is a wonderful place. See? Korean Steemians are kind enough to raise a guide dog(that's me) to help you!

Woff, woff! 🐶


I lived in South Korea as a teacher back before 2011 and took some photographs while I was there.

I'm sharing those photos that are 100% mine and I never spam as you can see if you check out my previous posts.

The tag I used is totally relevant since this photo is about a part of Korean culture and was taken in Korea.

Thanks for reminding people to not use the wrong tags and I hope you will agree that this post has appropriate tags associated with it.

I can read and write the Korean alphabet and know some frequently used phrases and words, but my vocabulary is too small for me write posts using Korean so please forgive my usage of English instead.

And a happy woff, woff to you all too! 🐶



Where can I find kr-guide? And please be kind enough to tell me what specifically I did wrong, if anything?


The part that uses the kr tag should be written in a language that Korean people can understand . If the Korean people are written in a language you can not understand , you will be shouting the and the guide dog will come up to explain the guide .


Ok, thank you for the information. If I understand correctly, then I will only use the kr tag for posts that use the Korean language. I hope you have a good day! Peace. :)


I hope you have a good day! flowed!