LSCOTTPHOTOS PhotoPoll #10 - What is your most embarrassing photo moment?! +$10 SBD reward opportunity

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Everyone has had cringe worthy moments both in front of and behind the camera... I want to hear your absolute worst!

Photo from Imgur

Have you stretched across the ground to get the shot only to discover you were laying in dog poop?! Have you tried to take a sneaky selfie and got caught by your boss?! Did you accidentally send a photo to someone you definitely weren't supposed to?!

Bring out your very best story and, as a celebration for reaching our 10th PhotoPoll question, earn a chance to win $10 SBD! I normally do not offer a reward for the PhotoPoll, but as this is a double digit milestone, I decided to add a double digit reward just this once!

In order to enter, simply upvote and comment below with your honest answer to the PhotoPoll question. Winner will be chosen randomly using a randomized number generator.
Have your username entered a second time to double your chance of winning by resteeming (comment "resteemed" along with your PhotoPoll answer).

Image from Reddit

Personally, I've experienced some of the best embarrassing moments as an amateur photographer. Leaving the cap on the lens and getting laughed at? Done it. Stepping in front of someone else taking a photo? Done it (sorry)! Sneaking across a snow drift to take a photo of a snowy owl... only to sink down to my waist and get stuck?! Done it. Almost laying in dog poop on accident? Done it (phew, that was close). Trying to take a portrait with a timer and tripping over my own two feet as I ran to get in the photo? Done, done, and done.

So give me your worst! What is your most embarrassing photo moment (whether as a photographer or the person in the photo)?

Don't forget to upvote and comment to be entered in the SBD drawing!
Resteem to double your chance!

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I can't wait to hear your stories! <3lscottphotos

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A Family Member Took A Picture Of Me Running
I Was About Age 15
I Had Long Big 80's Hair
Flying Behind Me
And My Mouth Was Open

It Looked Weird


Running photos are always the best! Please tell me you have a copy to show us! Haha


My Mom Has It!
Last Time I Asked Her About It,
A Few Weeks Ago
She Said
"I Think it is in Storage"
Of All Photos,
This is the funky 80's one!
Wish I Had it.

What makes this photo embarrassing is that I'm actually posting it. I was trying to shave the Steemit logo into my chest hair. It didn't work out. So I was going to have an epic fail contest but then I saw this one. So here it is!

Upvoted and resteemed!


Ahaha awesome, thanks for posting the picture!


Full Steem ahead!!!!!!!! Your welcome!

Congrats @riosparada for winning the 10SBD!