Poland is very similar to Russia , @loveofprofit

Nice click.

what a beautiful place

Thanks! I was quite happy about the composition of this one, despite the aforementioned graininess.

Looks great to me! Have you been caught out in a storm before? That's one of my hike fears.

Oh god yes. Twice this summer. The last one was awful - I was at 2100 meters elevation, and a storm rolled in out of nowhere. First a little bit of hail came down and we thought it was cute. But then the hail got serious, along with the rain. Then lightning started striking around the peaks (which we were on!!!). It rained/hailed 3 more times while we hiked down. I was 100% soaked the entire time, for hours. It was miserable.

The full hike was about 35 kms, and for fully half of that I was entirely soaked.

But hey, I lived. It was an intense experience, though I wouldn't call it enjoyable. At the bottom I literally poured a glass of water out of each of my shoes.

Wow that sounds terrifying! Glad you made it back to post some nice pictures for us. Cheers!

The language seems also pretty close no !? I only know from csgo that they at least understand each other.

But could be that they just learn russian in school idk.
I've sadly chosen french instead and didnt need it a single time in 16 years XD

No one learns Russian in school anymore in Poland. That was just mandatory while Poland was under the Soviet boot. That said, the two Slavic languages are close enough to where a decent amount can be understood, at least with enough hand gestures. :)

I believe in csgo hand gestures wont really work too good XD

amazing im enjoying your pics

Beautiful! Very atmospheric.