Unknown Tuscany - Verruca's Fortress - Original Colorful Photos Series - Italy 2017 - Part2

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The Verruca's Fortress is to 540 meters above of the level of the sea on a mount that has the omonimo name, and belong to the " Monti Pisani" in the Calci's town. This name was given to the mount because there is similar shape that the cutaneous formation over the skin caused by a virus popularly called "wart".
The structure that composes it's made of verruca rocks (quartz conglomerates, , pelitic schists and phyllites, anageniti, quartzite, and this rock there is a color that can range from purplish red to gray-green. The Verruca's Fortress is a pentagonal building with two eastern side convex towers, and two north-east round towers that there is a polygonal tip rampart.
There were many famous and bloody battles in Calci: in 1288 between Pisa's Guelphs and Lucca's Army, in 1328 German's invasion by Ludwig of Bavaria, in 1363 Florentine's invasion, in 1369 Charles IV of Bohemia's troops invasion, and in 1375 British's invasion by John Hawkwood.
The fortress had a privileged all territories's view, so everyone wanted to conquer it.
To be continued...

North-East Top View : " Monti Pisani"

North-East Underground Entrance

Aisle In Between North-East and Eastern Side

It's said that Leonardo da Vinci was inspired to write " The Flight of Birds " in the Fortress, because there was( is) dazzling vision.

Surveillance "Window" Eastern Side

Eastern Side Top View

Eastern Side Underground

Walls In Between Sides

The View Appreciated by LordeMau

Monti Pisani

Device: Nikon D3200
Editing: Nikon View NX2

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