Dark Side Of Miracle's Square - "Piazza dei Miracoli" - Original Black and White Photo Series - Italy 2017

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The "Piazza dei Miracoli" was considered a UNESCO World Heritage in 1987, and it is an important religious place of Etruscan times.
The three complexes of the building represent the three steps of life: "Il Battistero"(Baptistery) birth; " la Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta" (The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta) life, and "Camposanto" (Graveyard) death, but the tower? I didn't forget it. The Tower's Pisa (Il Campanile) belongs to the Cathedral also called the "Duomo" and is a bell's tower.
I choice to do this photo series at night, because most people only know the tower and square of day. It wasn't possible to take photos of the "Camposanto", because it was closed. Enjoy it.

"Piazza dei Miracoli" had this name after firts war by the poet Gabriele D’Annunzio.

"Il Campanile" started to be built in 1173 and there are 7 bells.

"Il Battistero" is one the most work had been done in Italy and started to be built in 1152 by architec Diotisalvi and revisted in 1260 by Nicola Pisano.

" La Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta" It was designed by Buscheto starded in 1064. Inspired and built with diverse cultures, such as the Byzantine and mainly the Islamic.

One the most famous tower of the world has 55 meters high, and to get the top you should climb 294 steps. The reward is a 360° view Pisa's town.

Nicola Pisano is notoriously called a precursor of the Renaissance, because of the classic style of his Baptistery's work.

The Cathedral is high 51,36 meters (top of the cuple), 72 meters long., and there are three bronze doors of the 17th century.

These are some of the curiosities that i liked, there are much more about the awesome place!

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Device: Nikon D3200

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