Autumn Shots - Photos Sequence - Three Little Birds - Belgium - Original Photography

in photography •  2 years ago

When I visited Belgium (Brussels) there was a beautiful park near my hostel, and I decided to go there with my girlfriend. It was autumn and there were many trees with the amazing colors of autumn. When I was walking I saw three birds that were flying and playing around a lake. I took my camera and started to photograph them, but it was not easy to catch those birds that flew very fast. I have often adjusted my camera and I would like to share the result with you.

Nikon D3200
Lens: VR 18-55 mm f/3.5-5 5.6G
Basic Editing: Nikon View Nx2
Gif: iGif Creator for MAC

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Nice. Resteemed.


Thank you Man! (;

I like it so much


Thank you @tanata, i'm so glad that you liked! (;