The World Cup Strikes a Cord with the people in Hangzhou

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The latest craze to hit Hangzhou’s streets is the 2018 FIFA World Cup.Hangzhou is home to some great venues that have big screens, fine beers, and barbecued food, so why not watch the games with your friends and support your teams in the comfort of one of the following bars:

Yuhuan Bar
Highlight: The synchronous time to catch up the game
Address: 530 Zhongshan Middle Road, Shangcheng District

There is a 5-hour time gap between China and the World Cup host place Russia, which means every detail of the FIFA World Cup comes about in Hangzhou in the daytime. Yuhuan Bar was born for the World Cup as it only opens at night. The bar is refurbished from a one-hundred-year-old wooden villa, with a rather vintage structure. The tiny entrance of the bar hides its well-rounded facilities: cocktail lounges on the first and third floors, a small but just-right bar box on the second floor, and the attic on the fourth floor where people can relax with drinks.

AipiJingniang Bar
Highlight: Fantastic atmosphere
Address:Building 7, Sunking International Plaza, Gaojiao Road, Yuhang District


In this bar you find yourself located in the live games when you are watching the World Cup. Indoor screens and outdoor screens are synchronized to show the games. You already know how the games go on before you get in. If you are new to Sunking International Plaza, you can find the location by following the greatest crowd.As a bar featuring craft beers, AipiJingniang Bar owns professional equipment for producing craft beers. Barbecued food, different kebabs and many other foods are also served.

Highlight: One of the most popular spots in the district
Address: 1852-6, Wentao Road, Binjiang District


The engaging look of the front door, with a signature fire on the screen, shines out its energetic red light throughout Wentao Road. Before the games start, the bar has been warmed up. Everything you experience there is red, hot, and spicy. Beers, essential for watching the games, are here to help you dilute the spiciness, so make sure the 3-Liter beer buckets are always full! When you look around the bar, you will see that the fusion dishes are the most popular such as “Maoxuewang Barbecued Fish” , “Lobster and Clam”, “Barbecued Fish and Clam” and not forgetting the bar’s signature dish “spicy frog”.

Duowang Bar
Highlight: No bros, no fun with football
Address:111, Zhongshang Northern Road, Xiacheng District
Football games are nothing without bros and beers.Duowang Bar is for a gang of bros who love football.

The owner of the bar aims at creating a special area just for bros. Even in the busy Zhongshang Middle Road, bros can enjoy beers, music, and football games and all without any interruptions.The bar was decorated in red and green especially for the 2018 World Cup and engages the guests as if they are watching the games live in Russia. The bar offers, washed down with a beer, “Thirteen Xiang” and “Bingzheng” two of the bar’s most popular lobster dishes. “Thirteen Xiang” comes with a thick and spicy sauce and “Bingzheng” tastes sweet with an alcohol aroma.

Luoduanyun. Kebab
Highlight: Get free drinks if you guess the right score
Address: 187 & 189, Wulin Road, Xiacheng District


The bar contains around 10 tables and the big screen, originally for playing music, is now for showing the World Cup games. Usually, before the games start, the fans are ready at the front tables having already ordered their kebabs.The refrigerator in the bar provides around 40 types of beverage in which craft beers dominate.

During the World Cup event, all the beers sold in the bar are discounted. Guests can also also get free beers if they guess the results right. When the guests guess the final game’s score, the treats are a table of free kebabs.The kebabs have the real Chongqing taste and just by looking at them can bring you out in a sweat.

Chiyan Battle Field
Highlight: Take an immediate rest in the bar after the games
Address:61, Siyanjin, Hupao Road, Xihu District


You feel so exhausted after watching the games, yet your home is way too far from the bar. How about lying and sleeping on the cozy beds provided by the bar?In Xihu District there is a bar called Chiyan Battle Field where the upper floor is dedicated to a hotel. The hotel is called “Flower”. Sure enough, it features the decoration with flowers and every room in it is named after a specific type of flower. During the World Cup, free rooms will be provided if your consumption in the bar reaches a certain price.

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