Adventures Around Acapulco: Acapulco Oaxaca Market Returns Part 3

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The Oaxaca market literally has something for everyone and that's one of the cool things about it. We got all sorts of things we both wanted and needed during our visit here and my only regret is not purchasing more than one headband.

This place sold candies and flavored syrups.

Mexican candy stand complete with lots of chile.

A stand selling flavored seed mixes, generally with chile.

Soap infused with carbon, good for acne. I almost purchased it.

There was abundant moringa.

Live music.

And mezcal...think of it as the moonshine of Tequila.

These are sold all over, I think they are a variation of English Muffins.

Some artfully designed breads.

John and I both liked the blue top in the center, although I'm not sure I'd wear it much because of how warm it is here.

I have no idea of the current location of this market as it moves around the city every few days. From what my friend in Puerto Vallarta was telling me, they also will head there too so it's likely something that travels around the country bringing the taste of Oaxaca to all of Mexico, and for good reason too!

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feels like in romania

Very Cool photo's of Your walk through the markets..

In London we have a small phonetically-titled restaurant chain called Wahaca that serves Oaxacan dishes at prices that would make a real oaxaqueño cry.

Now that's like British Oaxacan :P Judging based off of the menu LOL

Hello dear is this Mexican market? Very charming and organized. Thanks for share with us.

I traveled with you through this post... But $200 is a very big sum.
We have $200 enough to buy four different suits.

200 what? This is in pesos.

hehehe i think this is in Dollar @lily-da-vine i'm very sorry