Watch a gorgeous Peacock Bass feed and get caught underwater!

in photography •  8 months ago

On a recent trip down to south Florida to film a few outdoors & fishing episodes, we linked up with one of the top Peacock Bass guides in the area. Hai Truong has been guiding folks for peacock bass and several other species in the urban jungle of Miami for years. On this trip we were in search of the highly prized peacock bass. This invasive species has actually created a multi-million dollar sport-fishing industry in south Florida.

These invasive fish have very similar feeding tendencies to largemouth bass but they are unlikely to eat plastic worms like largemouth. They can be found in the many limestone-lined canals throughout the area. In this particular video, we are actually behind a sound-dampening wall right next to I-75. Thankfully he has friends and had a key to the lock to get us behind the wall. The head of the canal was covered in trash, which was sad....but we did see a big male peacock swimming around. I decided to stick the GoPro in for a few underwater shots.

The fish didn't seem too bothered by my camera, in fact he seemed a bit curious. I told Hai to go ahead and drop his bait to see if we could get lucky and get a feed underwater. He dropped a small spotted tilapia in the water and the peacock was instantly interested....

captured with GoPro Hero 4 Silver - all rights reserved ©2018

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Love it... Great footage! Well done!


Thanks @brian.rrr, it was hard to hold it still after seeing the fish hit!

Very nice video work, there! I assume you were using that gator-poker of a stick for the GoPro? Are there catch limits on invasive species down there?

We have thos Asian Carp up here that jump when they're scared. I was thinking it might be fun to go out in a pontoon boat with a baseball bat and some firecrackers. It could be a new sport!


lol, yup I was using that same gator-poker stick. There are not catch limits for most invasive species. In fact, you're supposed to kill them when you catch them but the FWC encourages people to catch and release peacock bass over 14 inches because they do actually help control the population of over-abundant exotic forage fishes.

We have those huge asian carp down here too, they are really fun to catch!

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You got this gorgeous green dude, bro! Was he also tasty LOL subbed yr YT too :)

Great video, thanks for sharing!

Hehehe, well, I like fishing a lot. I usually go to the guy once a year and go fishing and boating.

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