The Lifetime Ceiling Painting Exhibit of our Saint John the Baptist Church

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The church began to build early 1880. 

In 1990, the church almost destroy by an earthquake.

In 2013, Bohol hit by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake, many churches destroyed also the church in Baclayon that aged almost 100 years old. Because the features made in 1990 in rebuilding our church the earthquake destroyed the other church, Saint John the Baptist Church still stand.

5 months ago before the fiesta of our patron saint the Municipal of Garcia-Hernandez renovate the church. And replace the wood ceiling to a ceiling painting. And now, it's a lifetime ceiling painting exhibit.

Every painting have a different story like the passion of the cross and Saint John baptist Jesus Christ.

Here some cropped photo of the ceiling painting.

Their some part of the church not yet finish in installing painting.

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