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Flowers are my favorite

Even though I do love flowers these ones are not my favorite hahaha. Irises are pretty though. I love the variety of colors and sizes they come in too.

They are quite popular plants in Eastern Europe, I haven't seen them often in flower shops around there, but people love to grow them in their gardens. My grandma had a few varieties of Irises and I would always get in trouble for picking the tops off as a kid haha. I don't do that anymore, btw.

The images were taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark III and a Canon EF - 50mm - F/1.8 lens.

logo by @kookyan

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I love flowers, they are all beautiful, excellent photos


Agreed @theresa16. Flowers are awesome!

wow looking so beauty full flower and your photography become more beauty full. great job dear kotturinn (68)


Thank you @nikhil12, practice makes perfect, so they say :)


most welcome dear

Your photography is excellent, they are really pretty flowers too, I love the stripe patterns on them.


Thank you :) trying to learn something new every day haha. Can't wait to have a flower garden again!

Hahaha. You were once the naughty girl, but many kids do that and I used to that also, particularly the flowers with pleasant scents.
But now, I have many other engagements
Anyway, that picture was brilliantly taken, it is really a lovely sight! ☺


For sure, I loved picking up plants as a kid for some reason, always would get in trouble for that too.



You always welcome. Thanks sooo much

You was a girl love to pick flowers 😊 🌹🌹


Hahaha yup! I still like to pick them actually :D

Irises really are quite beautiful flowers (well, some of them!) and you can get some amazing "landscapes" if you get up super close to them. Those two-toned striped versions you have there are lovely. Don't ever see them in flower shops here (USA) but maybe they don't do well as cut flowers? The do sell the bulbs (or "rhizomes") at many garden centers.

Pretty photos!



Interesting! To tell you the truth, I've been to a flower shop in the US probably like . . . once? But I see why it is not a common flower to arrange bouquets, I don't think it would do even if you only used irises exclusively, I still like to pick them though hahaha.

I didn't know you live in the US @curatorcat, what a discovery :)

Some of my passions are plants and especially flowers have a charm and beauty that give me great joy. Beautiful flowers

The world of flowers is so diverse and beautiful.My favorites are sunflowers


Agreed, sunflowers are awesome. I personally view them more as a crop, but they definitely make some beautiful bouquets.

Caught this of @dbooster ‘s resteem. Gorgeous shot! 😍❤️


Oh that's cool, I like his blog too :)


beautiful photography at night view....

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Night view? :D it's day time haha


@kotturinn, If we carefully see these flowers then these not reflecting as flowers inturn these reflecting as beautiful and colourful Decorative pieces which holds the welcoming essence.

And the real art is, Upside and Downside petals and different colours of these petals. We all are surrounded with great art but we miss to see it sometimes.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Agreed, I like how the bottom ones are darker than the upper ones, the contrast creates really nice and sharp look!

Thank you :)


Welcome. 🙂

Eastern Europe...
политкорректно о родине;))

цветочки очень нежные!
а как ты так фон темнишь? в темноте с подсветкой?


Ну, это чтобы не писать в Украине и России :)

Не, это так само получается, просто нужно снимать в более-менее темном помещении с одним источником света (рассеянным), в этом случае был дневной свет.

Wow....awesome photography

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Очень красивые фото! Мне нравится эта расцветка ирисов!