Pinup photography w/ Julie Gems in Toronto!

in photography •  9 months ago

I’m finding my way back to my regular work routine, guys. It’s been great. @mtbmondo has been hanging out with me, @vermillionfox and @guthrie. We were able to bring him to @caffetto the entire weekend for @kommienezuspadt family experience.

I had a chance to edit this morning, which is a steady feeling of lifting the burden of backlogged work from the demands of finishing Dark Pinup before it’s print deadline. Man, I’ve been so fortunate to have such patient clients. My turn around for images can be anywhere from 4 - 6 months, but I’m even 2 - 4 months behind that period.

This afternoon, I was able to set up at my usual spot at @caffetto and start working on photos of Julie Gems, a pinup model from Toronto that I photographed in October of last year. Julie has been the most patient of clients, as these were the first images she’s gotten back from our shoot last fall. So many times I’ve sat down to edit her images, and something came up that needed me immediately and undivided attention.

The first of these new images, I know I’ve started and closed at least a dozen times. I’d save it, then get swept up in section header writing, magazine print deadlines like the one I just did of @ryanashley for Tattoo Society, or trips like the one I just got returned from in LA, Palm Springs and Vegas. Throughout this whole differed process, Julie has been understanding and incredible. Dream client status.

These images reminded me of some of the cool concepts she came up with on her own. The first location was a retreat of some kind, with art deco walls and black rod iron fences. Her fair complexion under the Canadian sun made for beautiful, high key photos cut with elements of black in the background, wardrobe and even the ink she poured from a porcelain white pitcher.

We moved to our second location. A water treatment facility right near the coast of Lake Ontario. Her original idea was two walk down these massive corridors with colored smoke bombs in hand. I declined, as an American visiting a foreign country, just on the chance that it was perceived as dangerous. I’m glad I did, because I later found out the entire plant was still active and was, in fact, a government utility building. No smoke, but we still made some awesome photos in latex against an impressive backdrop.

Thanks for reading. More photos of Julie Gems to come soon. I post daily. For more photography, art, illustration and the stories behind the work, follow me here @kommienezuspadt!

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Great shots dude. Id say the second she seen them she didn't mind the wait at all.


Thank you very much @davekavanagh! She just wrote me back in an email and was the sweetest person ever, even asking me if I have any VLV opening to book another shoot. I'm so grateful or that kind of understanding because this was WAY beyond my typical return on edits.

Wow ... Excellent photography .... thanks for sharing with us..... I think , you are a great photographer... Best of luck... @kommienezuspadt


Thank you @mdsujon335. I appreciate that!

Great photo, beautiful model 😀


Thanks @stelwok! She is! Easy to shoot when you're working with such talented people.


All will be easy if you understand what the contents of the project created. :d

Latex a pesar del latex!


@elguarodigital yes! That latex look was awesome.

An interesting experience thanks friends for sharing success always for you friends ..


Thank you @rafka90. Happy that this was an interesting experience and you're very welcome for sharing success always for my friends.

Wow, great photos!)



This is is bizarre, @bitboys, lol. Are those upvotes? :P

wow photography is very good friend, I like my friends post, i upvote and resteem yes


Well thank you very much @putry01! That all means a lot.

As long as @vermillionfox hangs out with you, means your doing pretty good photography ...


HA! Yeah, agreed @jhaysnsonofbenz! She's great and one of my favorite photographers.

Wow, amazing photography, exquisite


The photography and editing is great. Sexy model makes it more attractive. Thanks for share this.


Thank you. Yeah. I'm fortunate to work with such high calibre models @tapu333.

Beautiful photos and well that the idea of smoke bombs was not given.


Thanks so much, @yanes94! Yeah. The smoke bomb thing had me really nervous. I'm glad I didn't do it.


but being honest the photo with the smoke would have been impressive.

But this way, the work is excellent and without danger that is very important.

I wonder what their reaction would've been to beautiful woman in lingerie setting off smoke bombs? Probably smart to not find out though!

all your photography looks very cool friends and you also look very beautiful I am very impressed with your beauty friend. thanks for sharing good post @kommienezuspadt

Love the photos, especially the last one :-). Looks like she is wearing a superwoman outfit :-). From what I have seen so far, you are the best photographer on Steemit platform.

I would also be patient knowing your incredible work, I love your models!

Hello, you have a VERY COOL blog and this post is extremely useful. I will follow you and I will encourage you to do so too.

me on my blog PUBLISHES super modeling sessions and DAILY adds new ones :)

it's such a TIME FOR OPENING on STEEMIT :) best regards Gordon :)woman-2794668_1280.jpg

I can see, the shoot was very successful. I would love to see more footage of your work


Thank you @soldier! I'd love to photograph you, @sirwinchester and your crew at the next Steemfest if it's somewhere we can make it!