New work only on Steemit w/ Maxim cover model, Molly Morrison!

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Good evening, Steemit! Of all the headaches I’ve had sitting down to write a blog post, this is one of the “least bad”. @tarotbyfergus and I just went back and forth with several Magic: The Gathering games in Modern format. I crushed him, then he crushed me, then I crushed him. These games are so intense they’re actually headache inducing from the amount of brain power used to win. @vermillionfox won an epic game against @tarotbyfergus yesterday, and the entire drive home nursed a headache as the cost of victory.

Quickly, before I get to tonight’s photography…a dear friend and @caffetto family member has been overtaken with a dire medical emergency. Our @caffetto den mother @flaccidfervor, like all of us, feel helpless in this difficult time and looking to raise money with Steemit votes to help in any way we can. Please take a moment to read, comment, and resteem her last post, “Contest Announcement/Call For Help”. I’ve seen Steemit achieve unbelievable generosity and fundraising for needed good will, and our friend Zach needs it right now. 

Tonight is another step in stumbling back to my regular routine in a post Dark Pinup era. Unfortunately, much of my day was spent sending emails and scheduling my shoots for Viva Las Vegas, which reminds me how close it is. I have dates in LA with @allangraves, over 20 shoots, the book release party. It’s going to be insane. I’m going to try and savor these [relatively] quiet afternoons and evenings at @caffetto, drawings and editing.

These photos are of a client I’ve shared before on Steemit. Today I was able to get to three new images, re-touch and send them to her. They’ve been hanging over my head for months as I’ve been completing Dark Pinup with @wcpublishing. Molly is one of many clients that has been more than patient with the priority of the book deadline. As always, she was appreciative, patient and more than understanding.

We’d shot in together in July at a beautiful New York City hotel, then against in October during a brutal trip I made throughout New York City, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Toronto. We made our way to eastern New Jersey, close to Atlantic City, and shot together in a small cabin. The lighting and Molly’s choice in wardrobe almost made me feel like we were channeling “Black Snake Moan”. It was beautiful, golden and feminine. By far my favorite shoot with her in the many times we’ve collaborated over the years. 

Thanks for reading. I post daily. For more photography, art, illustration and the stories behind the work, follow me here @kommienezuspadt!

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really beautiful clicks @kommienezuspadt and we all pray for @caffetto to get well soon. a resteem and upvote from my side.

wow what a nice photography it is
impresive keep up it

I don't really have an exit strategy, @sanjida007, so yeah, there will be a lot more photography to come.

Thank you @raja. Appreciate the concern as well.

simply beautiful!

Thank you @genics!

very nice photography of my friends .. and good luck for your friends yes @kommienezuspadt

Thank you @zubir01. We're all really worried about him.

please help me once my good friend yes. I really need support from you my best friend

i like my friends story about games, i upvote and resteem yes

Very nice,, cool..

Posts that attract successful friends always make you friends ..
I upvote and resteem

excellent work artist kommienezuspadt

Thank you very much!

Beautiful photoshoot
U deserve it :)

Thank you @ironclad010.

your photo is very good, the color of the clothes and the effect of the light is perfect, are you a professional model and you are designing your photo concept?
I think you are creative
I cant wait your next post dear :)

I'm not the model, @biruplastik. I'm the photographer. Thank you very much.

Moody, beautiful work as always. I can't believe you have 20 shoots lined up! In how many days?! That sounds like craziness.

Thank you @joleenwillis! Always means a lot coming from such an accomplished and talented photographer.

Nice work and I hope you have good news of your friend, hopefully raise enough money and can help.

Thank you @yanes94 <3

Really sorry to hear about your friend. Hopefully he pulls through quickly. The shots are incredible. Your client may have waited a while but the shots she's getting are world class. I'm sure she'd gladly wait a lot longer with the end results looking so good.

Thanks for the concern @davekavanagh. Yeah. It's hitting our @caffetto group pretty hard.

These are great, I really love the way you use light, I love natural light and in some of them I know it isn't but it mimics it really well, great atmosphere in them!

Actually, this is all available light @vtravels. I wouldn't say "natural" because that implies light from nature, but everything in this is light with the light I had available. There isn't any artificial light, strobes or flashes. That's how I've always shot. I love that look.

Wow even more impressive then, we try never to shoot with artificial light either and much prefer the look of it without! Love your work! Look forward to seeing more!

Nice photography

Thank you very much @bungaterakhir!

Upvoted @flaccidfervor 's post and followed her. Anything to help!
And your artworks never fails to steal my breath, my sighs, my soul...... One day.......

Awwwww, thank you @artedellavita! You are so sweet. I hope you and your hunny are having a great time in Vegas! Hope to see you there in April!


Congratulation @kommienezuspadt
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Oh! I'm just seeing this now @blownup! Thanks very much for the feature. I appreciate that.