Londa's first dark pinup session!

Good afternoon, Steemit! I’m at home, currently. This has been a weird day. I woke up early, just before 7:00a.m. I did some things around the house, including a thorough cleaning of the downstairs bathroom […it isn’t used anymore] with lye. I washed my hands vigilantly, but once I put my contacts in, my vision was blurry. That’s been persisting all morning. I know I didn’t get chemicals in my eye, but I’m paranoid now. I’m allowing my contacts to soak in sterile saline, but it’s kept me from running errands.

I was able to take care of quite a few things on my docket while at home. I scheduled maintenance on my air conditioner unit, ordered insurance cards for me and @guthrie, and making time for a midday Steemit post is nice. I also set up and tested my new Blue Yeti microphone. I may do a Steemit post utilizing it over the weekend. It’s mostly for a series of videos I’m hoping to make with @ghostfish to accompany our @fundition campaign, but @lovejoy and I have talked about doing a podcast as well.

Yesterday I had a massively productive day, finishing nine photos in addition to MTG with @tarotbyfergus and time with the family. One of the clients I did manage to work on was edits still owed to Londa, a sweet goth pinup in LA. She was referring to me by mutual friends and we’d booked a session during my April visit to Los Angeles, just before my drive to the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend. Londa had outstanding style, but as far as I recall, hadn’t modeled professionally until our shoot together.

Believe it or not, two thirds of my clients are first time models, so that isn’t at all unusual. Because I don’t use lighting equipment, my sessions don’t “feel” like a shoot. It’s just like hanging out. I assume the strobes and flashes are by in large, where a lot of early models get nervous. Londa and I explored the mansion in Pasadena, finding well lit, high contrast areas to capture moody, dark pinup elements. She brought several designs by my friend @michelinepitt as well.

I do have another set of photos to finish with Londa and I promised her I’d be getting to them by the end of this month. You can look forward to that in the coming weeks. I’m also trying to make time for a return to illustration. Friends like @veryspider, @roadscape, @lovejoy and @robrigo are still encouraging me to draw, and it’s been a while since I’ve done a new Steemian vs. “The Bear”. Thanks for reading. Follow me here @kommienezuspadt for more pinup art!


I'm looking forward to the continuation of your Steem comics ^_^.

Hello Lars? How are you doing? I hope that your eyesight will improve soon, my friend. Maybe you should replace your contact with a new one. In my area, people don't usually use contacts. Maybe because my area is not yet modern so people still use ordinary glasses. Your pictures are very beautiful, Lars. Your model has large and sexy breasts. I'm impressed with American women who have very large breasts while we Asian women usually only have small breasts. I hope that your career becomes more successful and gets a lot of photographing work. Have a nice day, Lars.

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Steemian vs the Bear is VERY thematic right now, Lars. You should do an update :D

Londa is beautiful and I think you captured her appeal very well. I donno anything about lighting techniques for photoshoots, but I always get the feeling that your shoots are not as .... uh, plasticky as some of those other magazine types that are out there...


there's something intimate about the way you treat lighting in your pieces, i think.........