A Road With An Extraordinary Charm on The Gayo Lues

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Hi steemers how is your activity today? hopefully all given fluency and blessings and may we all be given health and long life.


The charm of gayo lues is undoubtedly, the beautiful expanse of her freshwater lake plus the stunning ise ise hills make this area very interested in the wisatasan.

Many tourists who prefer to travel here than to places of recreation that can be practically more comfortable and enjoyable.


The reason they travel here because the place is still very natural and beautiful to the eye and the air is cool and fresh. Lots of tourist destinations that you can find in this area one of them Ise-ise Hill and many other places that are not less beautiful.
The alternative to get there has started to improve and the government has also provided lighting in the streets.

The charm of the road here is also not less interesting to enjoy, the article along the way you will be treated to trees and forests that are still very natural.

Let's keep the forest.

Let's keep the Indonesia forest.

Let's keep the Aceh forest.

Let's preserve local tours.

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I use a canon is that a good camera to use?

Yes you can use that

kamoe dari wilayah Lhoksukon. Lagak nyan foto

Terimong geunaseh adun, kamo dari krueng mane

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