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RE: MyPictureSunday #11 - G20 Summit (no comment) Part 2

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Awesome shots, who do you work for ? Or are you an independent photographer ?
However those people destroying shops and atms .. what a buncha muppets.
What are you proving by destroying someone else's good?
Why didn't they study to become a politician and make a change rather than throwing rocks and writing "fuck the system" on walls !? Hippies .....


I shot these photographs for Steemit

Good stuff @timsaid !!

A little sad to be honest, but good report. I can feel the revolution in the air.
Not a fan of non pacific manifestations but oh well... those G20 fuckers are far from pacific so... fair enough.

Great commitment going there to shoot pictures for us all!


Now this is what I would call a true STEEMER. Respect !

And you do extremely well at it. Keep up the great work.

freaking scary
how could you dare and still shoot these?
I wouldn't dare go near the place
you still alive?
be safe :D

It seems that in recent history, most politicians who attempted to make change were murdered. One prominent that comes to mind was JFK, who was shot 7 days after announcing there was a secret shadow government controlling everything, if I have my facts right.

Nowadays successful politicians are not the ones who study harder but the ones who shout louder and make the better show

yeah...@kingmotan i agree with you. There has to be a better way.